Tesla Model S P85+ POV review & test drive

Tesla Model S P85+ POV review (point-of-view). Head over to for the full written review.

Tesla Model S P85+
Fully electric rear-mounted motor
310kW and 600Nm
Single-speed, rear-wheel drive
0-100km/h in 4.4 seconds (as tested)

Some cars change your life, while others, such as the Tesla Model S P85+, change your thinking and have the potential to change the world.

If someone told us 10 or 15 years ago that there would be a sedan, a practical and comfortable and quite luxurious sedan, on the market soon that could do 0-100km/h in just 4.4 seconds, while using zero petrol or diesel, we would have suggested that someone check into a mental clinic.

This car you see here is actually that myth. At least, on paper, that’s the way it seems. The specs say this modern yet quirky-looking large sedan produces 310kW of power and 600Nm of torque. It’s rear-wheel drive and offers seating for five. It also has two boots and uses zero petrol.

Okay, so what is it? If you haven’t heard of Tesla, basically, it’s a forward-thinking car company based in California that produces only fully electric vehicles. The Model S is the second model the company has made, built from the ground up as a completely bespoke model (aside from some Mercedes-Benz switchgear).

The P85+ is the top-of-the-range version. But not for long. Soon, it will be superseded by the almighty P85D (also known as the quickest production sedan in the world). The P85D gets a dual-motor all-wheel drive powertrain. For now we all have to make do with the single, rear-axle-mounted electric motor of the P85+. It offers a full-charge range of approximately 500km, with recharging taking about one hour with a super-charger unit.

Prices kick off at $133,257 for the existing P85+, while the P85D, according to the local Tesla website, will start from $140,900 (available in June).

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12 Replies to “Tesla Model S P85+ POV review & test drive”

  1. matze

    Supercharger aren't free.   It's already in the car price calculated.  Tesla creates its Supercharger outside the cities, on Highways usually  🙂  Very clever, tricky . Chargers are in the city needed. Tesla save money with the Superchargers locations outside cities. Only few can use it all he time.     For me its  not the solution.  If someone buy a Tesla, it should be free at home too !!!  Tesla gives nothing for free. All things are calculated 😉

  2. Robbie Carmichael

    Wow really so awesome see tesla electric vehicle in australia in time for all electric vehicles going around australia very soon in the future, but I think about tesla motors in america find new ways to make better plan for tomorrow and today , I really like your video about model s

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