Tesla Model S P100D – VS – Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Clip from Lew Later (Episode – Google Pixel 4 and the Radar Situation) –

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  1. wtalkie

    If porsche added full self driving, it'd be amazing. But for the time being, Tesla is still the more practical and future proof car because FSD definitely trumps extreme performance esp that Tesla's performance is still beyond my needs.

  2. Bruce Lee

    I drove the Porsche Taycan turbo. The salesman said to me the Porsche can keep its power on until the battery is drained….I thought well that's logical….then he explained the Tesla starts to lose performance and cannot maintain the top speeds and acceleration after a few runs.

  3. Alex Ross

    The makers of the video specified that the cars were on their factory street tires too, so what they rolled off the assembly line on. Telsa was in ludicruous on latest software at the time of the video too

  4. Tommy vice

    model S was made almost decade ago and it was Tesla´s first car so this is already tesla´s victory… let´s see what will do Roadster or 2nd gen model S… this type of chalenges are good for us and for planet so Tesla is winning and we need more big auto to do more electric cars and not go back to cave and play with fire…

  5. Tommy vice

    sure… porsche has more complicated suspension system and better handling(more control on road) so it will beat tesla any condition and more in wet condition… btw porsche suspension & brake system is worth more than whole tesla car I guess ))) foolish comparison, you should do this with 250 000$ Tesla (roadster2) model S was made for save (change people´s mind set) planet from foolish people and taycan was made by that F.people for beat survivor hero ))) that´s Life!

  6. Lex Boogie

    Wet or dry, the Taycan will ALWAYS dust a Tesla S in a real track race. Doesn’t matter if the Tesla is the performance version, or the newest version you can find. Battery technology is all good and well, but cars are much much more than just the motor and you just can’t compete with almost 100 years of track racing and automotive experience. Elon should give up on trying to have the fastest EV, and just stick to trying to make them as practical and affordable as possible. That’s how he wins the EV wars. He won’t win by wasting his money and time trying to compete with the racing big boys.

  7. Stephen Woods

    No. If both are in the wet, then…blah. But who cares? So the Porsche is faster, etc. who cares. There will always be faster cars. So what. The Tesla is here and now. The Porsche is a race car designed to run faster. I don’t care.

  8. Alexander Antonenko

    Bro don't speak just try it, you said it would take infinity to try it out, but that's not true, I tried it with my friend and that's the way it works, except telsa is a bit faster at start, but than it sucks

  9. Wayne Wayne

    So compare this 2 Cars is like you Compare a Dodge Charger and the Porsche GT2RS
    So i know the Video is older but i translate for you. Yes is wet outside and? The Tesla cant drive fast in Wet corner and the Porsche can. Then the Tesla goes slower and slower after every Dragrace. The Porsche can do his 0-100 for over 26 Runs. The Tesla can only do 2 Runs and then he goes slower. Im not Tesla or Porsche fan. But of corse is the Porsche better. Its an old Company with alot of Money. Tesla and Elonmusk are in red Numbers… they dont have the Money or Time do build a car like Porsche.

  10. Nesmith

    Literally a complete load of bull, like TopGear they were probably paid by Porsche to race the Model S on Range Mode against the Taycan lol. You telling me that Porsche Taycan who tops 2.6 seconds from 0-60 can beat a Model S from 0-60 at 2.3 seconds

  11. S Z

    interesting point: Tesla can get a kick in its back by Porsche; then has to go to charging station while Porsche's driver is drinking some coffee! & come back and get another kick!

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