Tesla Model S P100D gets Fully Customized Exterior & Interior – Project Malibu

Project Malibu is a Tesla Model S with a classy Bentley Linen and a tasteful Model S Sport Package. Combining the custom interior with the exterior, the Model S now looks and feels like a car that can achieve 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds.

Base Car

● 2018 Tesla Model S P100D


● 3M Crystalline tint 70% / 40% (front windshield, side windows, panoramic roof, rear window).

● Chrome Delete using 3M Satin Black.

● Tesla ‘T’ emblems painted in Satin Black.

● Gloss Carbon Fiber Sport Package Kit. (Includes Front Apron, Rear Diffuser, and Trunk Wing)

Wheels & Suspension

● TS118 21” forged wheels 21×9.0” front 21×9.5” rear finished in Matte Black. Approximately 20% lighter than Tesla factory 21” turbine staggered wheel set.

● Uses Pirelli P Zero 245/35-21 265/35-21 factory tire size, original lug nuts, original TPMS and accepts factory center caps.

● Lug Nut Cover Set in Black.

● Air Suspension Lowering Hardware Kit


● Bespoke interior – 5 hides of Bentley Linen leather. Contrast black stitching.

● Reupholstered dashboard in Ferrari Black and Black Alcantara

● Signature Square Quilted door inserts and seats.

● Reupholstered doors in Bentley Linen leather.

● Dyed speaker grilles to match Bentley Linen leather.

● Gloss carbon fiber steering wheel with Bentley Linen leather sides and contrast black stitching.

● Airbag cover dyed to match Bentley Linen leather.

● Gloss Carbon Fiber Seatbacks.

● Gloss Carbon Fiber Dash Trim.

● Gloss Carbon Fiber Center Console.

● Gloss Carbon Fiber Seat Sides.

● Custom 52oz. 3/4″ pile Floor Mats with horizontal T Sportline logo.

● Custom Audio Upgrade.

More Photos:

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46 Replies to “Tesla Model S P100D gets Fully Customized Exterior & Interior – Project Malibu”

  1. Ordinary Chad

    Way to uglify a damn good car with a hideous T potty line logo on the back and wheels. Bently leather with poor installation.
    These cars does not need all those bells and whistles they just need more sound proofing.

  2. Anti Petrolhead

    The fact that the interior is light which is a nice balance. I can forgive that the exterior is black on black. The rims look generic compared to the Tesla 21" turbines. But that's just my opinion. If the owner is happy I'm happy for them.

  3. RON CAR

    I don't know if it was in this video but I had asked if you guys can make a totally different custom seats with adjustable headrests and not the fixed headrests?

  4. RON CAR

    Can you customize the headrests or get some other seats with adjustable headrests? It something small for others but it's a deal breaker for me! It's just one of my pet peeves that I really take seriously!



  6. Sasha Bakhshi

    Seriously? Rockford Fosgate and Alpine Type R’s? Are you serious? Best the industry has to offer? Lol that is the set up I had in my 1998 Altima 10 years ago… and I bought it at Best Buy because it was dirt cheap… you guys run a great scam

  7. Ken Peng

    Y'all have some low standards. If I paid that much to get my car done, I would at least want to see that front carbon fiber lip molded and not have an awful looking edge on it. It just looks like someone taped a carbon fiber lip on the front bumper. The door inserts are wrinkly and someone already mentioned it, but the stitch job is awful. The nicest part are all the carbon pieces, and I doubt they fabricated those themselves. They also didn't do much to the exterior, just wrapped a few things, changed up the wheels, and put a new lip and diffuser. Not impressed.

  8. rzvmad

    Very nice car that is a truly a custom car. Just one think i do not like and that is the woofer protection. It would look much nicer with a grill instead of those "handles" .

  9. Limp Wibbler

    I loved the look, but personally would leave off the front piece. It to me just makes it not match the rest of the front. My favorite has to be that steering wheel. With the seats being a close second.

  10. Spyros Depountis

    Sooo… when the kids are actually in the kids' seats, and the music is on, they're gonna have a huge speaker of a 1300w sound system, just 3 feet from their ears … Good one dad… really thoughtful…

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