Tesla Model S NVX Sound Upgrade / Installation Video

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This installation video is for the NVX B.O.O.S.T. Powered Loaded Enclosure Package for the Tesla Model S — it comes with everything you need to bring your music to life in your Tesla. This sleek sealed enclosure was designed specifically for use with the Tesla Model S and has a powerful 10″ VC series subwoofer built-in. Completing this Tesla bass package is the NVX JAD1200.1 monoblock amplifier, a 100% OFC amp kit and Audio Control LC2i premium line-out converter to bring the system together. Give your Tesla sound system the boost you desire for richer, deeper sound quality in your Model S.

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14 Replies to “Tesla Model S NVX Sound Upgrade / Installation Video”

  1. Ruben Vazquez

    I’ve seen pretty much all the write ups/working diagrams And do not have clarification. It’s basic. The amp gets •hot(battery positive) and ground (chassis)
    • signal RCA (from l2ci rca)
    • remote (in from l2ci)
    •The sub gets the signal from the amp
    My question is where does the lc2i get its power from?

  2. falcon7350

    one thing to keep in mind is where the amp is .. like here in FL with alot of water on the road there have been many to say that water does get in to the boot … amp may not last long in a setting like this

  3. Maurice Barnes

    Thank You so much for posting this video. I am person who has always installed my own systems in all my vehicles because I love a good sounding system. I'm looking to buy a Tesla Model S next year and I think that Tesla's Ultra High Fidelity Sound system is way over-priced at $2,500. I'm also glad that you had a car that didn't already have a amp installed. Great explanation on how easy the different parts come a loose. Do you know if NVX will sell the enclosure by itself. Not that NVX doesn't sell good quality equipment, I'm just a fan of JL Audio and Alpine, so I would prefer to use subs/amps that I'm accustom to with that NVX enclosure since it fits perfect in that vehicle. Once again thanks for the attention to detail and thanks for posting!

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