Tesla Model S, Fully Tuned: Saleen ST – XCAR

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Saleen have made a name for themselves as modifiers of american muscle. What can they do when they turn their hand to the Tesla Model S? We visited Saleen in Southern California to find out.

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31 Replies to “Tesla Model S, Fully Tuned: Saleen ST – XCAR”

  1. Mysterious Tony

    " anybody that closes their eyes to that" ?….how bout closing our bank accounts?…you could have had a 10 second video…first 5 seconds show the car last 5 seconds just say…here is a car for rich people only….that's it…done..10 seconds…

  2. 4.14.1 DNA

    Bad ass ride but I think I want that Tesla model for darren, however in the future I think I'm gonna have more than one job because this guy is a kind who helps & supports truth !

  3. Hope Edwards

    I FLAT OUT LOVE WHAT THEY'VE DONE AND I LOVE THE SOUND. I always wish someone was able to add that type of sound to the electric cars. It is the wave of the future and one day different manufacturers will have their own unique or specific electric sounds for each car. One day we'll be able to distinguish what type of electric vehicle is coming or that just passed by just from it's unique sound just like we do when we hear a Harley or a Kawasaki or even a hot rod sounding motor today.

  4. Paul Unglaub

    What is this supposed to be? The Panel gaps they created around the chrome handles are huge and off centered. Additionaly is the stitching on the seats off by three-quarters of a centimeter. Unacceptable!

  5. Anju Daniel

    Somehow i like the way it looks and sounds…. People just dont get it, when u tuned the suspension, its still a modification…. Just because they dont tuned the power plant, doesnt mean its stock…

  6. B. Frew

    That’s absolutely incredible! I love the sound of this Tesla, and the front end looks so much better with everything but a 'grill'! I LIKE IT! Thank you very much for sharing this post.

  7. Gostandinos Theodossiou

    You need to also google check on the internet that it takes a lot of CO2 production to manufacture lithium batteries and to recycle them, its like we are thinking that we are saving the environment but are not as China pollutes and in Europe we think its all clean around us.

  8. addictedtopussy69

    they took a quiet stealth fast car and gave it a loud annoying high pitch whine. 10 minutes of commercial fluff for the saleen brand and no detail of what major important improvements was done. 10 min wasted.

  9. David J. Smith

    It is Now 2019 and I was wondering will Saleen start Building Performance versions of the the Tesla Model 3/Y Performance, the P100D Tesla S and X?…I am Just Saying!…Thanks and God Bless!

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