Tesla Model S electric car UK review

As the Tesla Model S arrives on British shores, we get behind the wheel of the most advanced electric car yet. Is the UK ready for battery-powered motoring?

Pick up the July issue of BBC Focus Magazine for our full review of the Tesla Model S:

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  1. Steves

    Nice car, but the door handles are ridiculously overengineered. What happens when there's a technical problem with them or some software bug or a software update which causes another problem and the door handles dont come out as a result. Then you cant get into the bloody car. Don't over complicate simple things which work well with extremely complex technology that can easily go wrong, its a fools trap.

    Also surely it should be possible to lock the cable connector to the car socket when its charging. If you leave it like that idiot kids or anyone else could come by and just pull out the cable. Yes there are people who do such things especially in big cities. Simple thing, but they've overlooked it.

    Finally, what about self-driving? Self driving electric cars are what we need. You still have to do the driving yourself with this thing. Only half done. Some way to go yet.

  2. cosgrove notts

    I was looking at one of these today. Couldn't say I was happy with the finish in some places,not 53 grand finish of a Mercedes .Low body warranty too. Easily chipped paintwork. Door rubber seals not fitted properly . Probably low resale value.

  3. joe biden

    All I have to say is that you should make it so its solar powered so you don't even need to charge the battery like just once a month, and the skin of the car is mostly solar powered so you don't have too.

  4. veryannoyingname

    Why doesn't any YouTube "review" mention the fact that UK & EU models have less safety features than USA model i.e. 6 airbags vs 8 airbags. There are no knee airbags in UK & EU versions. Tesla is removing safety features present in the USA models but selling them for more cost in the UK & EU. IF THEY ARE SKIMPING ON SAFETY FEATURES ON UK & EU MODELS COMPARED TO USA MODELS THEN WHAT ELSE ARE THEY SKIMPING ON IN THE UK AND EU MODELS! I know it got 5* in EUROCON testing but they don't require knee airbags like in NHTSA testing in the USA.

  5. UptheBreakfast

    This car is going to end the internal combustion engine. Mark my words. You only have to see the overproduction of oil at the moment trying to kill EVs. To my mind, once the costs drop and the ranges match the 300+ Tesla S, EVs will take over. Power them from solar panels and the world will be a better place.

  6. john spicer

    Thoughts nice, 450 mile range after a 3 minute charge , that's over engineering for what really is the first mass produced all electric car that performs like a Aston. Lets face it most Aston,s are parked up out side the posh tennis and golf clubs all-day and probably only clock up double digit mileage daily anyway why a need for 450 miles on a single charge.

     Give the car some space and time remember when it was only the rich who owned Mercedes  now your local taxi driver uses one to take people home at night. Next to the house you buy, a car is your next big purchase and this car is perfect the way it is probably to perfect if you stop and think.

     No more trips to the dirty petrol stations and waiting behind someone who choose to do the weekly shop and a full tank here in the UK empties your wallet weekly .

     No more smelly engine or gearbox problems just good clean organic motoring with dare i say fewer visits to the garage in fact i cant really see why you would need to go to the garage at all ,perhaps the brakes, but there energizing braking system largely avoids that , more money saved, big bucks compared to the Aston i here a oil change is a couple of hundred! .

    This is the thing its really not a car anymore it a ride its thinking outside the box its convenience at the highest level the sort of thing the I phone did to the rest of the competition, its raised the bar and the competition should take note and of course will in the very near future.

    The price tag is of course a sore point but who buys a car cash anymore its always done over a 5year period so i hear around a 7500 deposit and around 150 aweek  its yours and bare in mind if you do a little more than average mileage a week the zero cost of fuel you save more or less covers the monthly repayments here in the UK.

    Its a no brainier this model s is the future and when the car maker gives birth to a few baby versions for the young ones and the oldies its job done, good riddance to smelly, dirty, noisy, expensive, troublesome combustion engines for ever.

    Don't get me wrong the model S is obviously not the car for all but the theory definitely is!

  7. liamcfc67

    Electric cars a gimmick and will never replace petrol/diesel driven vehicles. The main reason being is if when we run out of oil or the more likely scenario is that a barrel of crude oil becomes so expensive that no one can afford, then electric cars will be as useless as their oil burning brothers. Although it does necessarily run on a  bi-product of crude oil, it is most certainly made from them i.e plastics, rubber etc. Also electricity is not a natural form of energy, it is generated from processing other forms of energy such as burning coal or gas ,which like crude oil ,are also a finite resources. All energy forms we have come from mother nature and once they are gone we are too. Wind and tidal wave power… don't make me laugh.

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