Tesla Model S Brembo Caliper Service

*Language warning*

This is a quick video that was done because it seems there was a failure to properly grease the calipers and pads on Tesla vehicles. The resulting issues are more prevalent in areas that see snow, due to the harsh chemicals used on the roads in winter conditions. This is a service offered by Tesla, but few actually know about it, because Tesla doesn’t mention i, due to fear of being seen as an “upseller”. This should be done annually, to prevent excessive corrosion from seizing the pads and calipers, affecting braking performance.

17 Replies to “Tesla Model S Brembo Caliper Service”

  1. Johannes Samuelsson

    Thanks for the vid! One question, how did you get them out so easy? I have a 6 months old Tesla, they are stuck, managed to get the first one out, the second one is stuck.. Maybe I have to "bleed" The breaks to get it open?

  2. treborg777

    Rather appalling video. No description of what you’re doing until the rear brake. Extraneous audio comments make this video rank below amateur. Looks like you’re changing out perfectly good brake pads – why? What about retracting the brake pistons? Is that simple or does it require special tools/software like on Audi rear brakes?

  3. King Cornflakes

    Wie kann man die Paste über die dreckige Oberfläche schmieren, einfach nur Pfusch. Und was zum Geier soll die „Alibi Aktion“ mit dem Bremsenreiniger (Annahme)? Wenn dies ein Lehrling in einer Werkstatt machen würde, würde er ein Hammer ins Kreuz kriegen

  4. Jonathan Roman

    Had my Model S calipers painted and the guys didn't torque the bolts correctly (just hand tightened). One came loose and scratched my wheel. I'm liking the vids so far but I'm not sure just hand tightening those bolts was the way to go. I had to visit a Service center to have the car checked and calipers properly torqued on the car as I was missing a bolt and didn't know the proper torque measurement needed.

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