Tesla Model S Autopilot (Autosteer) Demonstration

I’m Jen, the “Every Day” Tesla co-owner (Hubs and I share) and enthusiast.

This is my first go at autopilot and I hope to eventually upload more videos and reviews of the most amazing piece of automotive machinery every created.

If you liked the video, please consider making a $1 donation (literally!) to the Free to Breathe walk in honor of Marc, a friend’s non-smoke husband who at the age of 28 was diagnosed with lung cancer. He has since left us but his team and his cause is as strong as ever!

12 Replies to “Tesla Model S Autopilot (Autosteer) Demonstration”

  1. Ruben Kelevra

    I guess the best way is to rest one or two hands at your knees and slightly encompass the wheel from below. I would recommend to not touch the wheel while you're not watching the road, like searching a radio or something, so the system can track that and might include this int he decisions.

  2. Matteo

    Hi Jen. Great video. I especially liked how you explained things so enthusiastically. It was a bit like how TV presenters talk on shopping channels. Your speech was highly motivated and uninterrupted. It was also mildly hypnotic. I hope you make more Tesla videos. To give you an idea about a future video, check out this video where Joseph talks about his Tesla ownership experience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqZwmgvPmxk#t=1m20s Maybe you could make your own version of that. Ideally it would be longer than 20 minutes so I can add it to the list here: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showwiki.php?title=Tesla+Videos+List Cheers Matteo aka Teo.

  3. lawor8

    great stuff phillygal. As a MS owner we need more channels dedicated to the Model S from seasoned drivers like yourself. There is this other youtuber Nick Murray that has a channel dedicated to cars ( and helicopters) that is about to buy a 911. I am trying to talk him out of it. You should try making contact with him. Anyway thanks for the v7 demo. I am going to try everything in about 30mins on my way to work.

  4. Daniel Sparks

    Jen. Super awesome. you're great at these videos. I'd love to see more. Good stuff for us early Model S owners without autopilot hardware. … try resting your hands palms up on your lap with fingers lightly touching the wheel occasionally. It senses torque against the wheel, not touch like a touch screen… so a fairly firm touch every now and then with your finger should be good enough!

  5. Electric Jen

    Monty, I haven't played around with settings yet but yes the old speedo is gone. The new slender circle on the right does have the orange coloring that shows your instant consumption and thus I assume it goes green for regen as well but I haven't looked that closely yet.

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