Tesla Model S – Active Air Suspension in Action (Lowering & Raising)

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This is our 2013 Tesla Model S 85 kWh with the active air suspension. This shows the car cycling through the suspension settings from “Very High” to “Low” and back again.

The car automatically adjusts to the “Low” setting at highway speeds, and back to “Normal” at lower speeds.

30 Replies to “Tesla Model S – Active Air Suspension in Action (Lowering & Raising)”

  1. danwat1234

    Did this video demonstrate both the lowest setting and highest ride height setting?
    Does the air suspension absorb bumps , jarring much better than the standard? Curious in the future, if they will improve the software to absorb bumps better by looking at bumps in the road with sensors and reacting to it.

  2. kenken830

    No, you're not the only one to hear it, but you're probably the only one to describe is as a "suction" sound. All the doors are released using solenoids. What you hear is the electro-mechanical mechanism releasing the door when actuated by the car's computer after detecting outward pressure applied at the door handle.

  3. kenken830

    No one claimed it was an active suspension. It is air suspension. And it can actively change ride height. Therefore: active air suspension. Besides, it is officially called "Active Air Suspension" on all of Tesla Motors' official communications. Check it out for yourself.

  4. kenken830

    This is what I found:

    Low = 0.79” under Normal
    Normal = 6” above ground
    High = 0.90” taller than Normal
    Very High = 1.3” taller than Normal

    It's actually a pretty dramatic height difference between Low and Very High, and I've never found a need to use Very High since High is already pretty high…

  5. murat dogusan

    x is not the affordable one it is the model x in a SUV shape with an extra engine it will be more pricey. and model s and x are both 2nd gen. im also wondering if they will be a affordable gen which made in chine or so on. im sure if they make one nobody gonna buy renault shit 🙂

  6. Mikerhinos

    Sure, i live in France, where the gallon of diesel is 7$ (yes…), so it would be extremely interesting to drive electric. The problem is the cars price, i know it's a beauty, well equiped etc…but it's still a big amount of money :s
    Can't wait to learn more on the next Tesla car after the Model X, which apparently will be affordable (about 30.000$ said Elon Musk).

  7. kenken830

    It might be more affordable than you think. If gas prices are high in your area and you drive a lot, you could be looking at over three or four hundred dollars in fuel savings every month. Work out the numbers.

  8. kenken830

    Make sure the charge cord is unplugged and charge port is closed. After that, I just get in the car, step on the brake pedal, and select "Low" in the suspension settings screen.

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