Tesla Model S 100D review | Fully Charged

Robert Llewellyn presents this Tesla Model S 100D review, driving from London to the Orkney Islands off the North Coast of Scotland.
A common question I get asked about electric cars:
‘Can I drive to Scotland in it?’
To which the answer is a very simple ‘Yes.’

Warning: Contains scenes of mild immaturity.

11:10 There’s also a preview of a promising innovation to utilise renewable energy for homes, a smart charger that harnesses excess solar power to charge your electric vehicle: The Zappi charger from myenergi.
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Music: Changing Patterns by Jerome Alexander

21 Replies to “Tesla Model S 100D review | Fully Charged”

  1. John Lever

    In regards to the ludicrous mode and the fast 0-60, it’s all about hype. The hype sells the car to who can afford it and the hype trickles down to the lesser models for those that can’t afford the high end ones. Then the ones with the cheaper ones feel they are part of the hype.

  2. Chris Potts

    I absolutely love this episode, so much so, that I pick the Model S 100D up this weekend from a guy in London. Drove it all the way back to Yorkshire and have to say, it was one of the best drives I have ever done up the M1. Love autopilot in a tai back. Just let the car do its thing. Only problem I have is how to clean and polish it, haven't made a very good job of it so far.

  3. Nathan Hilarides

    Thats the car my uncle has, a 100d. Always keep an eye out on the auto industry overall to see what future cars the big 3 particularly here in the US will make since they see what tesla's doing and want to get in on some of that. From what I heard, ford and chrysler are electrifying their cars in some form but sounds like gm's doing electric with ultium batteries but idk what else theyre doing hybrid hypercars or what. I wanna see what ford's meb based ev will look like cuz I think i'd buy one. From what I heard in the news its going to be a id3 clone but not identical to that car. Guess Im like maddie moate a little cuz I always have a nervous tendency when Im driving. Ford's gonna be a cool automaker in the future and from what I also heard theyre gonna make a v8 plug in hybrid i think Mustang. Lots of cool things happening in the American auto industry since I live in Michigan nearby detroit but I also highly respect british cars like Jag, Rolls Royce, all that cuz theyre cool cars too, and you brits even influenced america so I think thats really cool. Detroit's gonna become the new Silicon valley one day in my eyes, and ford purchased Michigan Central station where Amtrak trains will run into one day.

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