Tesla Model 3 winter range test

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39 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 winter range test”

  1. R A

    In the speed Tesla have delivered M3 the last weeks it might be the nr1 best seller this year.
    Already almost a thousand cars! That’s pretty sick. And delivery time is only 2-4weeks.
    This is going to be interesting

  2. Taraquin83

    Seems there is a close correlation between aerodynamics and increase in consumption with higher speeds as expected. The Ioniq is very similar to the Model 3 in aerodynamics due to both size and cda. Model S and X which have great cda still have larger bodies that increase air- resistance sompared with Model 3 and Ioniq. Wintertest in same conditions between Model 3 standard range and Ioniq would be very interesting, especially at sub zero degrees! How much will the heat pump aid the Ioniq?

  3. @ndreas

    It's interesting that the consumption increases almost parallel to the speed (90km/h -> 120km/h, +33% and 171kWh -> 218kWh, +27%). I would expect a much higher increase in consumption since the air resistance (drag) takes the speed to square. Anyone have an idea why consumption is even lower? I acknowledge the measurement may not be super accurate since only 16/12km were driven but I would have expected a significant increase in percentage.

  4. xmen x

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  5. Rambler Andy

    I suppose there is a small argument for colder air being more dense, so the 'winter' against the 'winter-ish' kms might make more difference at higher speeds, but it's only a suggestion. What does anyone think? Quite happy to be flamed. 😁

  6. Tom Harrison

    Would love to see your Model 3 tests in colder temperatures — here in Boston it's also winter-ish now, but when it was real winter range seemed significantly degraded in some cases … but not all.

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