Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model S Comparison! Which Should You Buy?!

Today we compare the brand new Tesla Model 3 with the Tesla Model S! They both have their pros and cons, but are great cars! Here is our opinion on which one you should buy. Which do you like and why? We also throw in some Tesla Model X information in there as well!

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20 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model S Comparison! Which Should You Buy?!”

  1. Ganesh Raju

    Model 3 performance for $70K or Model S 75D inventory for $77.5K ? Suggestions please. Drove both. Model 3 looks like more fun. Model S looks more luxurious. Of course space difference.

  2. Fred Pearce

    Looking here, "I love the light oak wood/white interior" (M3,100D/335km), and the Tesla's 19" ride. Tesla appears not to offer a P100D with my interior choice. Comfort riding issue: I "always replace original tires" for slightly larger, quieter multi season tires that have a longer tread-wear factor….any advice? I'm not going to buy an E for "more money" and not having my favorite interior. Still looking here……

  3. Ray Heatley

    We should get our model s 100d in September. We did test drive the model 3 and s. They both were very nice but we wanted more room since we plan to drive the car all over the states. I do wish the S had door storage but I can learn to live without it. I hope the full auto drive will be approved soon but I may not want to use it in real heavy city driving as I am not the only crazy driver out there. We ordered the red S 100D with the cream interior. I considered the P100D but I can go to jail just as fast in the 100D. Ray

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