Tesla Model 3 Vs. Chevy Bolt, Which one is Better?

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31 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Vs. Chevy Bolt, Which one is Better?”

  1. Curious Elephant

    I totally get why people love Tesla Model 3 more, what I dun get is why Chevy Bolt is getting so little attention. It is a great EV, especially considering how faster GM is able to produce it. What do you think? Let me know in the comment below!

    The tick for looks should be for Tesla, didn't realize until I saw some comments!

  2. Off-Grid Optimist

    LOL, that is such a joke question. Yeah the hardware performance is "similar" pound for pound but you're comparing apples and bananas when it comes to Aesthetics. On one hand you have premium luxury, and on the other hand you have a teenager's hatchback with well,… Chevy quality. Regarding Chevy, seriously bad decision. It looks like the same hatchback that has been modeled in a similar fashion for decades IE, the Ford Focus, Chevy Sonic, Chevy Spark, where you get the point. The problem is that not a single one of the vehicles in that class have a base price over $18,000. So upon first impression that is exactly what you see an $18,000 vehicle. NOT a $35,000 vehicle! First impressions are everything, Chevy's entire marketing team should be fired immediately! That is going to cost a company a shit ton of money

  3. d dzerres

    weak. No comparison. Bolt feels and looks like a Kia Soul or the Nissan Cube. Model 3 looks and performs like the future. 310 miles of range, supercharger network, 0-60 in as fast as 3.3 if you want to pay for that, over-the-air updates, super autopilot, and sexy looking. Game, set, match for Tesla.

  4. G Hill

    Incorrect video – charging infrastructure for Bolt is horrible. Most stalls for DC QC are not online to see if they are occupied, or iced, or broken, or standalone – much less, the fact that there are 1,000's fewer SAE stalls than superchargers. Entirely neglecting this, and calling it a tie totally negates any value of this video. Without a Tesla style / multi stall / web interface (to identify available stalls) quick charging capability – & the fact that the model 3 charges about 3x as fast as a Bolt? Unbelievable …. sorry – but the anemic quick charging infrastructure that the bolt must rely on, & all manufacturers outside of Tesla not being willing to fund such a massive refueling project, you might as well have a decent gasoline car with no gas stations. This video entirely neglects those most crucial aspects – which is why other great electric cars will only reach mediocre volume. No infrastructure? No Deal. Without infrastructure like the superchargers? All you have is a golf cart type car – because it can't quickly cross from state-to-state reliably.

  5. Nat Shain

    Volt uses less gas than Tesla, Nissan Leaf or Chevy Bolt

    state of California gives a larger rebate to Tesla owners than to
    Chevy Volt owners because the Tesla is a “Zero Emission” car. In
    reality the Chevy Volt is closer to zero emission than the Tesla.

    may not make sense to you so please read on to see my reasoning.

    an owner of three different Chevy Volts Plug in electric / gas hybrid
    cars since 2011, I can affirm you that my experience with those three
    cars and my experience with the Chevy Volt is that they use much less
    fossil fuel (Gas) than Tesla, Nissan leaf or Chevy Bolt. This may
    sound as an absurd statement but if you let me explain to you why,
    then it may make more sense,

    a person owns an all electric car (Tesla, Leaf, Bolt) it is never a
    primary car. The owner must own a second car as the primary car. This
    is usually a regular gas car that in the long run it uses much more
    fossil fuel than a Chevy Volt. In other words
    total fossil fuel usage for this household is much more than that for
    a person who owns a Chevy Volt. The
    Chevy Volt for this household is the primary car (no range limit) and
    there is no need for a second (more long distant) reliable car. Also
    should note the environmental impact of owning two cars over one car
    which would include parts that needs to be replaced and those used
    parts will eventually end in the dump, 4 additional  rubber
    tires to care for, oil changes, transmission oil, brake pads, tune
    ups, cost for the additional insurance etc.

    soon as a person purchases an all electric car he develops a (RAD)
    anxiety disorder, it is a disease I invented in my head to explain to
    you how a new owner of an all electric car starts to thinks shortly
    after purchasing the car ( sort of similar to buying a Boat: as the
    saying goes: the two happiest days in a man’s life is the day he
    buys a Boat and the day he sells it). Most of the general public
    (even most owners of the Chevy Volt) are not aware of this “RAD”.

    an owner of a Chevy Volt travels any distant he will always be going
    from point A to point B.
    an owner of a Tesla, Leaf, Bolt travel any distance that is close to
    the 50% range of the car’s battery capacity or more, he or she no
    longer can travel from point A to point B. It will always will be
    point A to point C. The reason is point B will HAVE TO BE a
    to use some form of a commercial charger thus diverting from A to B
    path (travel distance increased so is the fossil fuel usage) and the
    commercial charger uses of (fossil fuel) to charge the car. Example
    if a Tesla owner lives in Pasadena, Ca.
    to visit relatives in San Diego, Ca.. This Tesla owner will be very
    apprehensive that his or her car my not make the round trip and they
    could get stranded somewhere in between putting their life on the
    line. They have to stop at some Tesla charging station in between to
    get the Tesla charged or the battery switched while the relative who
    lives in San Diego will use their gas guzzling (fossil fuel) car to
    pick them up at the Tesla charging station to  bring them to
    their house and when they are done visiting, this relative will have
    to take them back to the charging station using the same gas guzzling
    car, that is four trips. When owners of an all electric car taking
    any extended trip they must be on their toes learning and knowing the
    whole network that they can use to recharge their car (Point B to
    point C). If those charge stations are busy charging other cars then
    they must wait possibly buying foods and drinks (that used fossil
    fuel to make, and produce more trash to fill landfills). If the car
    is completely discharged then they will have to stay at a hotel
    overnight, because those All- Electric cars can take as much as 18
    hours to fully recharge. Boy think about the amount of fossil fuel
    used to keep a person in a hotel overnight,
    to operate AC / Heater, watching TV, hair drying, washing sheets and
    towels, laundry, food and the trash generated by such a one night
    stay. They also will need some form of transportation from the
    charging station to the hotel and back (more fossil fuel).

    all electric car companies may use sells gimmicks like DC charging
    where you can get quick charging in a short period of time. I say
    nonsense, you have to find a charging station with such a DC charging
    capability and hopefully there is nobody else ahead of you waiting to
    use it. Some people might thing in the back of their head that some
    hotels may have a one or two charging station for customers to use, I
    can guarantee you that those charging station will charge you an arm
    & a leg (more direct and indirect fossil fuel use) before you
    charge your car. In other word they: CHARGE LOTS OF MONEY TO CHARGE
    YOUR CAR. My experience with hotels chargers is that they either
    don't work or you can not charge your car with them (Tesla requires a
    special charger). If Tesla owners think that they can knock on
    peoples doors and ask them if they would allow them to use their
    electrical outlet in their garage to charge their car while they are
    sitting in their car, they better think again. It is not only
    unpractical, not workable and damn right dangerous. In some areas
    around the country if you knock on peoples door to recharge your car
    then you  could end up on some TV true crime show.

    I was a child my father told me the following saying “Good
    health is like a crown on the heads of healthy people, only sick
    people can see”. Chevy Volts drivers wear a  crown (No Range
    Anxiety Disorder) only owners of Tesla, Leaf & Bolt drivers can
    see this crown.

    state of California calls those all electric cars as “Zero
    Emission” while in fact they
    directly or indirectly
    more gas than the Chevy Volt. The Chevy Volt should be the car that
    gets the White pool lane sticker and should get more state rebate
    than the Tesla.

    who have never owned a Chevy Volt have no idea how little gas it
    uses. Over the past almost 8 years of using my Chevy Volts most of
    the times I can not even remember the last time I purchased gas.

    Volt is also a great maintenance free car, I can write a real long
    article about all the benefits of owning a Chevy Volt but not this
    time. I think
    Bob Lutz (the person who forced GM to make the Volt) against all odds
    i.e. “GM engineers”
    receive the Nobel prize for his idea and persistence. Had GM added a
    gas generator in the Chevy Bolt the same size as the gas generator in
    the Chevy Volt then the Chevy Bolt would have become (BVOLT) and
    would have become the greatest selling car in the world.
    Mr. Bob Lutz no longer works for GM and GM executive are now forced
    to listen to “GM engineers”
    make their decisions.

    Even if I lived in an apartment
    building with no electric outlets in the parking section I will still
    purchase a Chevy Volt to use it as a gas only car. On gas only,
    without ever being plugged in for charging, it gets more than 40
    miles per gallon. This mileage combined with almost no maintenance
    and the incredible torque this car has, makes this car better than
    the gas cars made by Honda, Toyota, Nissan combined. The 100%
    electric drive makes the main function of the gas engine is to charge
    the battery or run the electric motor. This means this gas engine is
    under no stress to propel the car which make this engine run under
    little mechanical degradation, which means it can easily run half a
    million to one million miles without much of a problems.

    someone makes an All-Electric car that is powered by a
    super-capacitor (or other means) that can be fully charged in minutes
    charging facilities are present at all gas stations, then
    All-Electric cars are not “Zero Emission” and not even close to
    being the lowest emission cars on the market. Super-capacitor cars I
    do not envision to be around anytime soon and until such a car
    becomes a reality then I say to the whole world that is watching :
    Emperor's New Clothes, he
    hasn't got anything on,".
    To all the auto industry CEO's with visions, missions of a “Zero
    Emission” cars : the jig is up because it is not in the
    All-Electric cars.

    Volt has the lowest emission of most if not all (including
    All-Electric) cars and should receive the Nobel prize for being the
    greatest car ever built.

    of 3 Chevy Volts for almost 8 years.

  6. McGoo x

    In buying any EV include a one liner in your purchase contract: Purchaser will be able to purchase a replacement battery for $XXXX or less at their discretion not the manufactures. Protect yourself!!!

  7. gmcjetpilot

    This video is BULL shit. You can't get a Model 3 for $35k, Try $49K. TESLA has no dealers and may be OUT OF Business. Chevy will be around and dealers down street. Model 3 quality control is piss poor and it is proprietary; you can't get parts or do anything to the car without Tesla.

  8. Fred Ivory

    Tesla is the Starbucks of the auto world. I'll stick to my 7-11 for 2 bucks rather than three times as much for something that doesn't even taste as good. Cool music though!

  9. B. Allen

    Tesla is for simple minded millennial SNOBS who have bought into the "cool factor" , & swallowed the Tesla marketing gimmick whole. There is no evidence that Tesla is superior in any way. It is problem prone.

  10. Eric Chan

    Not even close. The Tesla Model 3 rules by far. The Chevy Bolt looks like trash with the hatchback design. The hatchback design just doesnt work for attracting people to buy EV cars. Chevy needs to go back to the drawing board and design a regular size sedan like the Model 3 to even come close to competing.

  11. Steven Gouletas

    Who wants to look at and be seen in an ugly car that you will have for many years and is difficult to take on long trips due to lack of a charging network as extensive and fast charging as Tesla's. Preorders support this perspective.

  12. Cherrod Williams

    Are you serious? What competition? This is like comparing a decent looking car to an ugly golf cart. Let’s stop kidding ourselves. Until GM or any other auto manufacturer gets serious about EV’s and the infrastructure needed to make them viable, there is NO competition for Tesla. Tesla is king. Period.

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