Tesla Model 3 Tricks Cop

Got pulled over for the standard Model 3 center console.

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36 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Tricks Cop”

  1. Hank Hill

    what a nice cop lol camly apologized and was on his way.. or maybe he noticed it was Shaggy in the tesla and tried to dip asap!! who knows maybe he rly did have a computer on there we cant verify XD

  2. Dylan

    lol even law enforcement have been given the okay to hassel tesla drivers to try and fine drivers and find faults to cause more issues for tesla vs the high end auto manufacturers that have had stupid consoles for over 10 years and even sometimes a dvd player in the front.

  3. It's Stico

    I love that the cop had no problem acknowledging that he was wrong. He might be a bit behind the times on his car knowledge. But it's a cool cop, good guy police. He even apologised for pulling him over.

  4. Kwisclub TA

    If you were black you would have at least gotten a ticket, if not arrested or shot. Definitely had nothing to do with how polite, respectful and cooperative you were with the officer; it was obviously because you are white.

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