Tesla Model 3 Standard Range | Is It Everything We Were Promised?

It’s here! The Standard Range Model 3 Arrived! Well, OK, so it’s a Standard Range Plus with a $35,000 price tag. I’m actually oddly fine with that twist to this story. In this two-part video we’ll explore the Model 3 and compare it to a few EVs and other luxury cars! Let’s dive in!

Part 2:

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34 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Standard Range | Is It Everything We Were Promised?”

  1. Lew Rodd

    There is no getting away from the fact that the Tesla Model 3 is an extremely good electric vehicle, aesthetically however the cockpit consists solely of a steering wheel and a central 12.3 inch TV screen and is as welcoming as a motel room, it has everything you need but completely lacks any of the things humans love about driving, it's almost post war Russian in design, functional and efficient but completely lacking in character or style. Compare the Model 3 the the E-Niro and you will see what I mean.

  2. VacuBlaster

    The title asks whether the Model 3 range, is it everything we were promised. I'm 8 minutes in and we're still not talking about range. This is a review on the Model 3, if you're interested in the range then find a different video.

  3. Jack Tao

    The limit will most likely be useless. 90% of the battery on a standard range plus is 216. Most owners charge less or equal to that limit in order to preserve the battery cells. The standard range model and standard range plus model’s batteries are the exact same. If a standard range owner was to charge 100% all the time, this would be equal to 8.3% less than the actual maximum capacity of the battery. There would be not much of a difference between the two batteries in daily use. Moreover, Tesla is probably not going to leave you stranded. If a standard range owner were to lose all charge, the car will most likely allow the owner to use the software-locked range. I’m not sure of this has changed, but the standard range model also has all of the standard-plus interior and exterior features. (Faux-leather seats, heated seats, adjustable seats, center console, folding mirrors?, LED fog lights, etc…)

    So is it really worth it to pay 2 grand extra for the twenty miles of range and software-unlocked speakers?

    Have I lost money in financing the standard range plus model? I was told by the salesmen that the SR+ model had a list of features the SR model lacked; thus, I should buy the SR+ model. Alas, I prepared to mustered up more of my savings to do so. After the financing period, I plan to sell the car. The used market would probably not care about the speakers and 20 miles.

    I have nothing against Tesla, I’m simply mad at myself for listening to the salesman. I was perfectly fine with manually-adjusted cloth seats.

    The Standard Range Model right now is a steal. If you are interested, do a little bit of research and mind your opinion on whether to get the SR model or the SR+ model. I personally don’t think my $2,000 was worth it, but things probably have changed.

  4. Larry Harvey

    We have a TM3 standard range + The stereo sounds great 👍🏻 If you Bluetooth you’re phone it works great The sun 🌞 doesn’t bother me one bit even after a month of summer ownership How many times do you actually need to adjust the steering wheel. You can buy an adapter to turn into wireless charging for your phone,I just use the USB plug for my iPhone 10.Never had a problem with the sun visors. It locks within a few feet of walking away and gives you a horn honk. We Absolutely love the car just after a month of ownership.

  5. Caden Fellows

    i know for a fact that the long range and performance comes with an auto dimming moonroof so during the day it tints to prevent sunlight and at night it goes more clear so you can see better

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