Tesla Model 3 Review AFTER 24 Hours

I had the opportunity to test drive a Tesla model 3 and I absolutely loved the car but there are some features that are not user-friendly to those who are not familiar with teslas which I think should be improved.

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16 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Review AFTER 24 Hours”

  1. Zart

    So many triggered Tesla fan boys here.
    This video is constructive criticism and small complaints from a user. It's obviously made for people that don't open a Tesla (or know so much about them). If you don't like the video click the dislike button (that's what it's for) don't hate on him for his critiques. :)))

  2. Robert Lim

    another s2pid youtubers in the making, after 24 hr test drive you complaints too much, both of you having problem opening doors because u are right handed and your GF is left handed thats s2pid, tell me is your coffee Mug is for Right handed or left handed lol

  3. 79bnice

    You're getting alot of backlash because many of the issues you find problematic, some Tesla owner has covered it all at some point. With that said, you can open the back door by simply turning your palm up, push the wider part of the door handle with your thumb then grab the handle. Enjoy.

  4. Kloko Loko

    You can open with right hand just twist you wrist 180 degrees so you will catch handle from down side.
    When some product have sooo much good things that are way more important and so little "bad" things, you see reaction is like this.
    Also this product is so much important to humanity and change to cleaner and sustainable World without oil- milk that we drink from Mother Earth boobies with closed eyes like a babies. It's time to release mother boobies and grow up.

    So be gentle with this fragile little flower 😉

  5. b0n3z

    Your girl friend @ 0:41 fixing her hair in the reflection – LOL

    Your "Auto Pilot": The entire idea of "Enhanced Auto Pilot" is to still be aware and be ready to take over at any time. It's not "Full Self Driving". If you want to not have to put your hands on the steering wheel then adjust one of the dials. That works too instead of moving the wheel. If you need to dis-engage just tap the right steering stalk up once and it will cancel.

    The door handles: This isn't the first car to have door handles like this. Put your thumb on the thick part of the handle. If your on the other side or left handed then turn your wrist upward and do the same.

    Key card: Most use their phones rather than a key card. If you still want to use your key card daily, then use it and put away. You don't need to leave it on the center console reader. If you still want another option then order one of these:

    Driving range: I'm also in California. I have a P3D+ and I also have a lead foot. So my projected range took time for it to adjust (not 24 hours). If you need more help for a longer trip, I would suggest the following and using "Show Settings" and "Show More Settings". You can adjust your consumption based upon your driving habits:

  6. teslarati 101

    u have the dumbest complaints Autopilot looks clear to me… also u can use the scroll wheel instead of applying force to the steering wheel… also
    complaining about the buttons to open the door & door handles ??

  7. Dan

    The door handles are annoying….seriously? It couldn't be easier. Just so you know many high end vehicles have the same type of door handles and electric interior door buttons. And with the internet at your fingertips, who doesn't research a $50k plus car with advanced technology prior to purchasing? Watch YouTube videos and read the owners manual, geez people. And about the key card, it only needs to be tapped at that console spot to start the car. After that it can be put away. Better yet, use the app instead and keep the key card as backup.

  8. Zack J

    The steering wheel has a torque sensor and not a pressure sensor. You'll have to apply some directional force for autopilot to know your hands are still on the wheel because it doesn't know you're gripping it. I find it easiest to rest my hands on the bottom of the steering wheel when I'm seated in a way where my elbow can also rest on the center console or door sides.

    Also, using the knobs satisfies the autopilot as well.

  9. Nick Venice 2nd

    Obviously I see lots of people taking this video in the wrong way, I absolutely love the Model 3. I am simply pointing out any possible nit picky features I feel would benefit the model 3’s user friendliness for those who are unfamiliar with Teslas, its such a perfect car its hard to come up things to point out. Hope you guys enjoyed the video or found it a bit informative!

  10. Ed Ed

    Maybe try reading the user manual or watching a few informative youtube videos before whining. Better yet, sell your M3 to someone who will appreciate it and buy a used Honda for yourself.

  11. Peter Zerfass

    Sooo…you're saying that people have to be competent at how autopilot works and if the car doesn't tell yout that then it's bad…but then right in the next sentence you're being incompetent about how autopilot works and the car reminds you of it it's also something that gets on your nerves?
    Dude, make up your mind.

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