Tesla Model 3 Questions Answered

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20 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Questions Answered”

  1. Nate Mccomb

    The LTE "Premium Connectivity" changed for anyone that orders their Model 3 after July 1st, 2018 otherwise it's included. If you order your Model 3 after the 1st of July and selected premium interior, you'll get one year free and then you'll have to pay ~$100 a year after for Premium Connectivity but a limited "standard connectivity" package will be included regardless. Internet radio, OTA updates via LTE(OTA updates can now be pushed over WiFi instead), satellite maps and live traffic visualization are all Premium features.
    More info: https://electrek.co/2018/06/23/tesla-new-paid-premium-connectivity-package-in-car-internet-features/

  2. Watch RICH REBUILDS Channel

    This car is a great option for the people that can't afford a real Tesla (Model S or X). Now the lower income people can say they own a Tesla. I think it's great. It just like the 70's all over again where everyone wanted a Porsche but only could afford a VW bug ( a poor mans Porsche). Model 3 is the poor mans Tesla. Good luck with it. ???

  3. Nick Wood

    Ouch about the guy wanting to test drive your car…awkward. I’ve rented a model 3 through Turo (which provides full insurance) but I would never randomly ask someone if I can test drive their car. No one wants to deal with that liability 🙂

  4. Gene Lin

    Great informative video. Thanks for taking the time. I got my Model 3 several weeks ago. I assume you guys live in California. Are you guys going to put your front license plate on? I might delay putting it on and chance getting a ticket. I feel the front license plate would drastically alter the look of the iconic front facia.

  5. NickLB

    Tesla will install the front license plate bracket for free. I suggest getting them to install it. In case it comes off, you can blame them and I'm sure they will replace and install it again for free.

  6. Jeff

    One of the best Tesla videos I have ever seen! You guys are awesome! Please keep doing your videos as you continue to learn about your new car. I hope to deliver my Model 3 later this month! Thanks!

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