Tesla Model 3 – PRO TIPS

6 Pro tips for the Tesla Model 3 (version 9.0)

1. (1:54) Quick App Recall
With your finger just slide up to get the last app on the screen from the app switcher.

2. (3:00) DashCam Pause
To avoid corruption on the USB stick, press and hold the icon for two seconds to stop recording before you get out of the car.

3. (4:28) Drag to Home/Work
With your finger on the navigation button, slide down and let go to get a quick navigation of your home or work presets.

4. (5:35) Quick Wipers
Just quickly tap on the washer button on the left stall for a millisecond to activate one wipe of the wipers.

5. (6:29) Accurate Projected Range
To get an accurate consumption of your remaining range choose the 50 km setting in the Energy consumption screen

6. (8:09) Quick No Address Nav
Want to navigate to “a spot” on map without knowing actual street address? Hold your finger on spot for a second and a pin with “Navigate To” option pops up.

Thanks for watching.

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44 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 – PRO TIPS”

  1. Luyen Dao

    Cool video love the initial aerial shot. Noticed you didn’t look back while exiting parking spot and didn’t signal on left turn lol …hope you drive more safely 🙂

  2. Mohan Ramaswamy

    I have one you csn include in next video. I was at a newly installed supercharger during the holiday travels. When I was done charging, I was unable to unplug my cable. The car wouldn't let me…had to call tesla. Apparently, there is a manual pull black wire inside the trunk right behind the charging port. I pulled it and the charge cable at same time to remove the charging cable.

  3. Philip Hankes

    I love this video, shows how things work from afar then up close. Only downside of the video is the logo in the lower left was in the way of the text at the bottom of the screen for the tips. Keep up the videos!

  4. Leif Johnson

    Fox Business Network posted a video today (November 1, 2018) in which they compare Tesla to ISIS. The title of the video is "Elon Musk tweets about Tesla auto-pilot feature." This is despicable. I encourage anyone who believes in the Tesla mission to contact Tesla so that they know that this has happened.

  5. Spencer Mullen

    Looks like you're in Canada with the cold and kms! I know the winter range is lower, what I'm curious about is how it "ramps down" in the fall as the temperature gradually lowers. As well as how it behaves in the dead of winter.

  6. Linwood Davis

    DaxM Thanks for the tips! BTW, I discovered that the wiper button on the stalk has two positions. If you press lightly it will push in up to a detent and wipe continuously until you release it. If you push harder, it will go all the way in which will spray the washer fluid. Keep these videos coming! Edit: Fixed my grammer and bad spelling!

  7. HPrieto

    I have a hard time with my turn signal. It either stays on after changing lanes or when i try and turn it off it turns to the opposite direction. Any tips kn using the turn signal?

  8. Lovejazz01

    The Toyota ad on this video said “ this could be the time you like the ad better than your video “ , on a video about the Tesla Model 3? I think not, they don’t have anything like it…lol ???

  9. C B

    Just so you know, the dash cam situation has been fixed by using a USB drive or external harddrive with higher write speeds. Give it a try and let me know

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