Tesla Model 3 – PRO TIPS Vol.8 (European Deliveries UPDATE)

All European deliveries please upload here :

Thanks for watching.

1. (00:59)Climate screen auto closes.
2. (01:25)Music button closes ALL screens.
3. (02:56)How to display energy/distance
4. (04:41)Rebooting the MCU
5. (06:21)Speed Limit Sign changes (Matthew Phillips/Bryce (Twitter))

13 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 – PRO TIPS Vol.8 (European Deliveries UPDATE)”

  1. Tony C

    You can set an audible chime if you go over the speed limit as well. No way I'm turning that in mine lol

    Car icon>autopilot>settings (cogwheel)>speed limit warning. Select Chime

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