Tesla Model 3 Performance Review: A Tesla Nordic Roadtrip | Fully Charged

Robert Llewellyn with a 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance review.

Robert really wanted to avoid being a Tesla ‘fanboi’ and hate the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance.
He failed.

(Most of our camera kit went missing hence the occasional slightly wobbly camera work, apologies!)

02:37 Testing the Tesla Model 3 Performance acceleration. Ludicrous!
04:49 Supercharging Tesla Model 3 + CCS = a Tesla fast charge! And chatting to Mathijs van der Goot from Leaseplan about electric car fleet management.
12:09 Ionity charging a Tesla Model 3 = the fastest ever charging on Fully Charged? 132kW!
16:14 Preview of ‘Electric car on electric ferry’! (Full episode coming soon)
19:47 Robert meets Tesla Bjorn at the end of our trip, the Nordic EV Summit 2019!

Many thanks to Leaseplan for the loan of the car.

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31 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Performance Review: A Tesla Nordic Roadtrip | Fully Charged”

  1. Zeb Hallock

    Robert, thanks so much for doing this video and thanks to the whole Fully Charged team. Fantastic work as always and what a wonderfully produced video even lacking the mounting equipment for the cameras. I actually prefer the feel of hand held in this video over the static mounted cams.


    The range displayed on the screen takes into account headwinds, tailwinds, and terrain; weather you will be driving up hill and down hill. So, maybe the car’s estimation of range was spot on.

  3. Coin Treasure Hunt

    I do like Tesla as a company, Elon Musk and his team have done great things in such a short time. The downside of Tesla is the styling, very American (i.e boring). Please do a Model 3 with European styling and I am on board.

  4. Ralph Menta

    Best part by far is the Auto-Pilot mocking….. Superior skills. Also the Model 3 is pretty nice but unless it comes with a couple of those Norwegian women from factory, Ill pass for now.

  5. andrewcbartlett

    Mr. Llewellyn thank you great video. I guarantee you have flown on a completely autonomous airplane as all of them now are. Your reservations are therefore unfounded. I would not buy a tesla however I would buy the entry level Porsche Taycan when available.

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