Tesla Model 3 Performance is remarkably good, but is it $78,500 good?

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is impressively quick yet offers great range and practicality. Interior quality and features are still lacking, especially for a car that starts at $64,000.It’s a really fun, really livable car that only really works if you ignore the cost and the competition. Read the full review:

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28 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Performance is remarkably good, but is it $78,500 good?”

  1. Pat McDaniel

    Spot on dude. I love my Model 3 AWD non P. Tesla has just release updates that increase the power by 5%. Dropping 0 to 60 to 3.2 secs. Also, the windshield wipers need time to learn. After about a month of on Auto, they work very well.

  2. lessdeth69

    This video is outdated. Performance package (wheels, tires, brakes, spoiler, pedals, badge) now stock, and starting price dropped by $2000. You can have a nicely equipped P3D under $70k now including autopilot. Official 0-60 is also now 3.3 and track mode is fully enabled and awesome. Incredible deal at the current price.

  3. matt prior

    Yeah ! There is something coming out of that exhaust of 78,000 dollars……. ZERO EMISSION !!
    OH ! I am sorry! It didn't even got an exhaust and sound note like a BMW , Merc or Audi !
    This dude is really reviewing it !

  4. Quix

    If you bought one you could remove that badge in 15 minutes. A friend of mine has one of these and I'm not a huge fan. It's not much of a driver's car. Handling isn't fantastic and the brakes aren't great. Based on what I care about, it's not the car for me. Ride quality isn't fantastic either, I think the issue is the weight. Even saying that I can see why people buy them, the experience is very different from other cars.

  5. Robert Carter

    Can you review a Chevy bolt and bitch about having to use all the buttons as well? I can assure you Tesla wasn't listening to you at all about about your complaints, they listen to all their customers and implement the most popular requests. God your arrogant for someone who accomplishes nothing with their life. Idiot

  6. Newzchspy

    Yeah, you could get an RS 5 or M3, but both are slower 0-60 and 1/4 mile against the Model 3. With Track Mode, it even handles great! It's a no-brainer.

    Garish? Garish is that t-shirt, sunglasses and beard you're sporting!

  7. Joe

    I have a model 3 and I hate when people complain that oh you have to touch the touch screen to tap this or tap that. What do you think you're doing in a regular car with all your switches and your buttons that control everything?

  8. Joe Momma

    I want this car because for the money, it just performs. 11 sec 1/4 mile. 0-60: 3.5 sec. Crazy performance numbers.

    But god damn! Shit is mad ugly!!

    I’ve seen them in person and they are even uglier!

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