Tesla Model 3 & Model S Power Increase Testing * Model 3 hits 60 MPH in 2.9 Seconds!

We test out the Tesla Model 3 Performance and Model S Performance after the recent software updates that add power and increase acceleration.
Viper Shirt in this Video:
Gear we use:

Colossus by Wydron


46 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 & Model S Power Increase Testing * Model 3 hits 60 MPH in 2.9 Seconds!”

  1. LiftToEAT

    Just bought my dragy and couldn’t get the 3.1 seconds in the 2021 Model 3 Performance. After watching this video it seems that I needed to be at or close to the 100% charge. Had the battery at 80% 🤦‍♂️ Will definitely give it another try! 😎

  2. david stuart

    why doesnt a company change output ratio from motors to lower top speed to say, an academic 100mph (off autobahn / track) and lower acceleration times by more than 20%? – traction clearly isnt an issue – looks like the 3 would launch in 2 secs to 60 with decent tyres and right gearing (with max 'burn rate' on cells)

  3. Olav Alexander Mjelde

    I have a friend, she was in a Opel distributor company in Norway and she was very anti Tesla.
    So after a while I had to ask her if she wanted to go for a ride in the TSLA.

    So then we did, and I told her about over the air updates like a martphone, how it gets better all the time, how it shows when you have to charge and where yo have to charge, how it handles and then in the end I asked her if she wanted to feel the accelleration.

    So now she does like Tesla and she suddenly then says she wishes she needed a car now..

  4. ShaRk.

    7:15 according to these graphs you went downhill before the update (-0,47%) versus a almost none existent slope after the update (-0,02%). Can you elaborate on that or was this some kind of faulty data gathering?

  5. relativityboy

    2.998 is almost .1 second more than 2.9. Misleading title and screen. How would you feel if someone rounded .1 second up on your drag times?

    You're basically lying in your title and screenshot. You don't have trouble getting views. So WHY!?!??!

  6. Lance LaCour

    Your videos are great. Please let us know which device you use for your vehicle testing when not able to get to the drag strip. I've been considering a few different phone apps to get a baseline on my Long Range, Dual Motor Model 3. But, reviews of these phone-based devices are mixed. What do you use? What can you recommend? Where can I buy one? Thanks, Lance LaCour

  7. Joe Tacchino

    Brooks, from your video, I noticed that your regen was pretty severely limited when you did the 0-60 tests. Looks like your battery was very cold. Would suggest you go for a drive, navigate to a supercharger, and fast charge to get the battery nice and warm. I’m willing to bet you will shave 0.1.

  8. BurningPhoenix

    I think it should be noted that there was almost a 25 foot drop in the pre update test for the Model S per the report. Not sure how much that would affect the times, but I'd imagine it wouldn't be insignificant considering the post update test beat the pre update on level ground.

  9. Jordan Brown

    How are you launching? You mentioned being able to pre-load with the brake would be nice, and agreed. But are you using slip start or anything special? Or just dropping the brake and then getting on the throttle immediately?

  10. Somnium Sky

    Thank you for doing a legit test Brooks! Your content just keeps on giving, I love it. Can't wait to see your CYBERTRK vids! Maybe you'll get a surprise ride in the Roadster SpaceX version with rocket thrusters haha wouldn't that be something.

  11. eduardoig17

    I love it how people who do drag racing do care about the real times. I called 3.19 3.1 when it should be 3.2 I know 0.1 seconds is not a big difference but still. people who drag race can get a 3.199999999999999999999999 an they will still say their car is a 3.1 second car. See what I mean he called 2.998 2.9

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