Tesla Model 3 Long Term Review after 2 Years: AMAZING

It has been 2 years now since my Tesla Model 3 was delivered. This is an in-depth long term review about the ownership experience across multiple categories of things you want to know.


0:00 Introduction
0:37 Background and context
2:13 Charging costs
4:10 Maintenance costs
4:34 Repair costs and service
9:16 Software updates
11:03 Driving experience
14:08 Winter driving
16:22 Entertainment experience
23:18 Conclusion

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Improvement to Navigate on Autopilot:

Winter driving:

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44 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Long Term Review after 2 Years: AMAZING”

  1. Tesla Canuck

    I trimmed a couple of topics out, but thought I would mention them in the comments. The interior shows zero sign of wear and tear. It has held up remarkably well. Also, I have had no issues with my paint.

  2. Frank Conte

    Just had my upper control arm (passenger side) repaired today! I think that is a recurring problem with a lot of M3. The Montreal Service Centre has been outstanding! I have a mid-range RWD M3 and winter driving has been outstanding with good winter tires!

  3. EV Revolution Show

    great overview on costs. my 2018 leaf with exact same kms driven cost me $1,000 for all charging. btw, zero issues with the leaf so no service done in over two years. only a checkup and a brake flush which i really could have got away from doing. so yes i guess there are some oems that won’t have any issues in two years. i am proof.

  4. Jason Price

    I am glad to see that there are good overall customer experiences for Tesla owners but I do have the following comments or criticisms.

    No AA or ACP = no sale. Just flat out. I don't care if the price of a Tesla comes down to match the same sized Toyota or Honda. This is a must have on such an expensive car (And yes, even base, it is an expensive car as it is nothing more than an electric Civic or Corolla. Same size and passenger/cargo space.)

    Right to repair. This is also a show stopper. Tesla is terrible for support of this principle and for that, no sale.

    Warranty. Well, clearly you have never owned a Honda or Toyota. They almost NEVER need warranty service. The last time I had warranty service was for paint on the roof rails on my 2010 CRV, 5 years after I owned it…

    (NOTE: The Model 3 is actually an entry level luxury car. It is in direct competition with the BMW 3 series and the Audi and Mercedes equivalents. Because of this, there is no question that it is a better overall and long term value as the European brand cars are not what they are cracked up to be and have not been for a long time. Those of us, however that can't afford those cars, responsibly, also can't afford the Model 3; no matter how much it saves on gas.)

  5. Miss Xhris

    This was very interesting. Thank you!
    My husband is trying to convince me to let go of Honda and buy a Tesla, model 3, touring. I have to say, I’ve had 20 years of Honda’s and only one under warranty issue. 3 Honda’s, 1 Acura, 2o years: one under warranty issue. The rest were standard maintenance costs. I took my element off road four years ago and messed it up a bit… $150.00 and 30,000 miles more later, nothing. But Honda is way behind the curve with its fuel efficiently so I’m considering other options for a commuter car.

  6. Patrick Cameron

    My only big complaint one year in is the paint quality. It seems to chip and scratch pretty easily. I already have several chips on the front of my car. Probably going to get a ceramic coating soon.

  7. Steven C

    Navigate on Autopilot is still a joke and dangerous. Sure you can drive 200 miles if you're driving on a straight highway with interchange exits the size of the moon. But as soon as you add a few cars and even a little tricky lane changes it's over.

    I still like my model 3. But the model 3 will NEVER have level 5 "Full self driving" with the sensor suite that it currently has.

  8. Sandy Ma

    Thank you so much for the review. And finally, a Canadian doing a review and is actually in Toronto.
    I have seen tons of Tesla related youtube, but all of them are in the US. Did you install a Tesla wall charger in the garage? I was wondering how much that will cost since most of our breaker panel is located all the way down in the basement?
    Thanks again for doing this.

  9. futtera

    Enjoyed the update. Would be interested to learn what add-ons you have bought for your Model 3 – screen protector or protection for central storage for example. Perhaps another update video on any of these items?

  10. SIT Wellness Center

    Everytime I watch a review from a Tesla owner it makes me more and more excited to get my own. I've got a deposit on an AWD cyber truck and also live in Canada… In the Rocky mountains so super excited to do snow driving in, not just a Tesla, but a Tesla TRUCK! 🤩🤩🤩

  11. david pearn

    I want a multi waypoint ability for planning a scenic route rather than the fastest route and less obsession with auto acceleration to the speed LIMIT. I find dialling the speed down a somewhat jerky clumsy affair.
    Maybe a grandpa (max efficiency) setting would be a solution. (I’m averaging 125wh/km after 10k in just shy of 4 months)

  12. Ion Darmancev

    Could you perhaps comment on the range differnece in summer vs winter, and if you experienced any more phantom drain during the colder months (ie, losing more charge while at work in winter than summer). Also, battery degrading during cold months charging? Would be much appreciated!

  13. dlysele

    Can’t afford to buy it now but in 3 years, in 3 years I will have my apartment and parking lot to properly enjoy my life and then I will get the model 3 with all the goodies updates done to this car.

  14. Ruben Bagaco

    I great video I have had my model 3 standard range plus rear wheel drive for a year now and love it. I see that it looks like you had your windows tinted and looks great what percent of tint did you get as I am looking into getting my windows done.


    You could have also mentioned the built in dash cams that can save any even on all 4 sides view and the ability to view the save multi-view recordings on the big display. Also sentry mode with notification to your phone when an even occurs which were also updates and features you never had when you got the car.

  16. Matthew Roy

    Received mine 4 months ago and still love to drive it every day! Would like to hear about actual performance feel after 2 years. Is there additional road noise or smoothness change? Have the panel section seams remained symmetrical and do the seats still fit as great as the day of purchase? Thanks for the detailed video.

  17. Allan Chan

    Congrats on hitting 2 years, TC! My 1st year anniversary for my SR+ is later this month and I'm ecstatic with the ownership experience thus far! BTW – couldn't help noticing the baby Tribble that hitched a ride on your shirt! 😉

  18. 9wayner

    Regarding an app store – this was supposed to happen when I ordered my Model S in the fall of 2014, but Elon later changed his mind on this. I think security was one of the main reasons. But think of the demand for Tesla native apps vs a phone. There have been only a few hundred thousand Teslas sold whereas there have been about 1.5 Billion Smartphones sold every year for the last five years. What is the return for an app developer who would consider developing apps for a Tesla? How much would they have to charge? IMHO they should have CarPlay or AndroidAuto on a Tesla.

  19. Charles Theriault

    140 000km 2015 Lexus NX Hybrid did not had anything wrong with it. Not even changed the break pads yet! Changed the first summer tires set this summer. I guess I’m one of the very lucky people here. That said I dream of a Tesla since the first Model S. I’m just too picky on all small details that get wrong in a car to do a move to Tesla. But very nice and beautiful cars.

  20. Q J

    How have the rocker panels held up in the winter and paint overall in general? Any rust or peeling. Just wondering if it’s as bad as people make it seem.

  21. NoBrandProdz

    You made me unfear the RWD winter driving. I really see no real reason to pay 20k more for the AWD Long range instead of the RWD standard range plus for a daily driving car. Tesla has no correct this pricing or offer more value about this.

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