Tesla Model 3 Long Range Review: So close to perfect

Tesla’s hyped Model 3 is finally here and we have a full review:

We’re finally getting a chance to try out the 2018 Tesla Model 3, the long-awaited solution to Tesla’s biggest problem: It sells cars that most people can’t afford. The Model 3 is thus poised to shift Tesla down from hallowed, aspirational startup to legitimate, skeptic-free corporate success.

That’s a lot to demand from a single, $35,000 car. While my first impressions behind the wheel of the Model 3 made it clear the car was going to be good, there’s one problem already: The car you’re looking at actually costs $56,500. That mean it’s no longer a competitor of the $37,495 Chevrolet Bolt EV and instead has been elevated up into the range of a nicely equipped BMW 3 Series — or even a base 530e.

Spoiler alert: it’s great, but it isn’t perfect.

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31 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Long Range Review: So close to perfect”

  1. Phillip Sedlon

    So to drive 30,000 miles a year, it'll cost me $1,000. A new Prius gets almost 60 mpg. So the same distance requires @$1200 for gasoline at $2.25 a gallon. And a top of the line Prius is $20,000 cheaper and has a 600 mile range between fill-ups. I'll stick with the Prius thank you.

  2. Launch All Vipers

    I wish all of you retards would stop with the “Where’s Cooley?” Comments. He’s not the only presenter, and doesn’t have the lock up on electric vehicle reviews. I like really Top Gear (or The Grand Tour), and I love Jeremy Clarkson’s reviews, but I also like May and Hamsters. This guy did a good job, and so do others. There are plenty of other videos with COOLEY for you to satisfy your homoerotic man-crush with.

    This guy does need some fashion help though.

  3. R&G R&D

    You can do a quick change of the following distance and speed for autopilot from the right steering wheel button you dont need to surf the menus. Tesla turned 3 stalks into just one it is not a "giant step backwards."

  4. gardengirl1962

    How tall are you Tim? As I watch this video it looks like you have to duck your head down to slide into the seat of the model 3 Tesla. I'm just trying to find the most comfortable Tesla to enter and exit height wise and width as I am a bigger man. I'm typing on my wife's you tube page, so I'm not garden girl. grins…

  5. Dieter Zerressen

    I keep being annoyed at comparisons to the BMW 3 series. If you check to see how much a dealership will charge you for even the simplest oil change you'll drop BMW off of your consideration list. With Tesla you don't even have a maintenance schedule to worry about or pay for – that is huge. ps: who needs a Supercharger. I leave my garage every morning with a full "tank". I'll rely on the Tesla onboard computer to advise me about supercharging the next time I plot out a road trip. Stop worrying about stupid stuff and hone in on the real problems of the true cost of gasoline or the service department bills from BMW, Benz, Audi or Porsche.

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