Tesla Model 3: Inside & Out – Autoline After Hours 417

SPECIAL GUEST: Sandy Munro, Munro & Associates, Inc.

03:00 – Tesla Model 3 Teardown Analysis
14:55 – The Good Stuff: Model 3 Automatic Drive Modules
26:46 – Are the pieces good? Door Panels, Exterior, etc.
29:00 – Model 3 Battery: Intricate Magic
42:55 – Doctor Data
44:55 – Mechanics of the Model 3
1:11:10 – PHONE CALL: Automation Issues
1:14:29 – PHONE CALL: Model 3 Build Quality
1:18:30 – Johan de Nysschen out at Cadillac

– John McElroy, Autoline.tv
– Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production
– Craig Cole, AutoGuide.com

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38 Replies to “Tesla Model 3: Inside & Out – Autoline After Hours 417”

  1. HW2800

    Model “Y” should be better however! Elon learns from the Model 3. He got a lot of ego in him and he will work to make each Tesla car perfect! He is a genius and has the educational background to do it himself too if necessary!

  2. William Leary

    This video makes me significantly more bullish on Tesla. Getting the manufacturing process right is significantly easier than the things they are years ahead of competitors on.

  3. Nick Antipin

    I don't get why should I care about gaps? Most people do not notice it until intentionally look for defect. Tesla has amazing aerodynamics, and that's only reason I'll be worrying about gaps. And on heavy body – Tesla M3 is the safest car ever build, sure it has to do with safety, point Munro never put forward and only praise cost – that's only things I personally have a problem with? otherwise amazing info.

  4. Glen MacDonald

    Having owned my Model 3 since September, and having driven it problem-free from Toronto to Florida and back, and having driven it constantly through ice and snow, I have no idea what the hell you're talking about with respect to the "problems" with the body panels and such. The car drives like a dream, keeps getting better with (free) over-the-air updates, and I'll never buy anything else. The FUDsters out there are shaking in their boots — and they should be.

  5. Sniper Trading

    Tesla Motors and NVIDIA have partnered since the early development of the revolutionary Model S. Today, all Tesla vehicles—Model S, Model X, and the upcoming Model 3—will be equipped with an NVIDIA-powered on-board “supercomputer” that can provide full self-driving capability.

    The computer delivers more than 40 times the processing power of the previous system, running an Tesla-developed neural net for vision, sonar, and radar processing.

    This in-vehicle supercomputer is powered by the NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX AI computing platform. It’s an end-to-end AI computing system that uses groundbreaking approaches in deep learning to perceive and understand the car’s surroundings.

    In addition, NVIDIA powers the awarding-winning infotainment systems and digital instrument clusters in every Model S and Model X.

  6. Jay Jay

    Panasonic is one of the potential buyers of the Model 3 report? That's fascinating. Panasonic is who makes Tesla's batteries and they have thousands of employees at the Sparks Nevada Gigafactory working on batteries and battery packs.

  7. Jay Jay

    This was fascinating. Thank you! I sure wish Sandy would have been able to get one of the more recent builds to tear down. They've improved a lot since those early runs (I own one produced in Oct. 2018 and I have few complaints about build quality in the body, panels, interior, etc.).

  8. Tauran

    Sandy doesn't understand yet Tesla purposely took weight out of the pack case and transferred it to the body to minimize the battery pack weight and to cut transportation costs. Once they have multiple factories in every market then a redesign further may make sense. But shipping costs are huge

  9. Carlos M

    These people utterly fail at recognizing that Tesla improves things over time. They talk as if the car and the manufacturing process are static and unchanging. It's hard to take them seriously when they ignore such an important factor.

  10. Darryl G

    Tesla will be filing for bankruptcy protection next year. Then this company will be bought by another company that actually builds cars. Or maybe bought by Apple which will be interesting.

  11. zpetar

    I'm watching this video for 1st time after 8 months after its release.

    14:48 At 1st I was thinking it was really some huge leap in technology. Than at 31:08 nVidia was mentioned. I realized these guys obviously don't have any idea about how demanding 3D rendering is and how much processing power modern GPU's have. Who else would know how to make PCB and processors with enough processing power for autopilots?

  12. James Shanks

    The Japanese when they build a new model production line they use 100 percent human workers. After they get up to production target unit wise then usually around a year after production has started then and only then do they start replacing humans with robots after they know where to install them.

    Tesla's new third production line is 100 percent human powered aka zero robots. Yes robots have there place but when you can more than double you unit production with better quality why do we need robots?

    Tesla's third production line is running at 2500 units a week roughly all with humans. With all the robots Tesla now owns I don't see them buying any new ones for a year or more until the Y production line is up and running.

    I have learned a lot from the Monroe tear down and look forward to future shows,

    Thank you


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