Tesla Model 3 Impressions!

I drove Tesla Model 3 and I liked it. These are my full thoughts and impressions!

Full Tesla event:

Correction: Full autonomous driving option is $3,000, not $5,000.

BONUS: Tesla Project Loveday Winner!

EXTRA BONUS 50MP Flickr Upload:

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48 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Impressions!”

  1. whisp

    Marques I'm five minutes into your first impressions video and you're still reciting specs and previously announced information. When will I get to hear your actual impressions from driving the dang thing?!

  2. Nanof Urbiznis

    Not a fan of the touchscreen. Not everything futuristic has to be with touchscreens. Sometimes physical buttons are just easier. I think all tech designers for any product ever will have to realize that someday. Having to open the glovebox with the touchscreen too? Are you serious? I realize with some getting used to it'll get easier to control but what exactly is the point? It's not easier than opening it manually.

  3. Nanof Urbiznis

    I think he invited you because he's sick of MM. They're so disingenuous and deceitful he decided to let a YouTuber in instead. He knows you won't be like them at the very least because you don't have agenda or are controlled by billionaires with agenda.

  4. SimonChampa

    The review was a fail right at the point Marques said "They've done most of that"

    No not really even a little bit:

    "Use the money to build an affordable car" – nope Model S and X are rich (or the financially incompetent) people's cars
    "Use that money to build an even more affordable car" – nope Model 3 right now is 12-18 months away from the fabled $35K version (if it ever comes)
    "Don't tell anyone" Musk's tweeting and media antics render that void

    Oh and I didn't even discuss how negative their FCF is meaning all of the above hasn't to date been even close to self financing.

    Marques, my advice is that if you want people to take you seriously – do some research before opining.

  5. DJ DING

    Do u wanna help me with changing the edu, like to revolutionize them like to teach the middle school students that ICE came from Christiaan's invention of guns.

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