Tesla Model 3 Home AC Charging Overview

Overview of the AC charging options for the Model 3 using the included Generation 2 Tesla Mobile Connector with each of the supplied adapters and an aftermarket Tesla Wall Connector (available here: on a NEMA 14-50 outlet (available here: or here for surface-mount:

The battery was near full during testing, so the mi/hr rates are not as high as they would be at a lower state of charge, but the kW rates are what really matter when you’re looking at electricity anyway.

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28 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Home AC Charging Overview”

  1. jet lee

    Hi, Thanks for such a good info.
    I am planning little ahead as i live in apartment and can't install Connector Tesla charger in community. But there is regular plug in my community that i can use [like normal outlet]

    So, if i buy Model 3 long range battery, how can i charge Tesla Model 3 from regular plug of home? What do i need? or what kind of extension cord or something can work with Tesla charger? Also, what is length of this connector comes with Tesla Model 3?
    Appreciate your answer.

  2. Patrick Boland

    Nema 14-50 has 50 amp if I’m not mistaken. Its just that the Gen 2 mobile connector outputs an maximum of 32 amps. Which is roughly 30 mph for model 3.

    If you use the Tesla HPWC (wall connector) you can plug or wire it into the wiring of NEMA 14-50. Which is 50 Amps, and the connector will output a max 80% of amperage. So for 50 amps breaker it’ll output 40 amps, which is roughly 37 mph.

    However, if you upgrade your breaker to a 60 amp one. The wall connector will output 48 amps (80%) for a maximum charge rate for model 3 of 44 mph.

  3. mingzeli0411

    Thank you for an informative video. If I am not too fuss about the charging speed, would you just recommend NEMA 14-50 outlet + mobile connector? Do you know how much would it be to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet? Thanks!

  4. Marco Panzanni

    U charge will not be showing it's true charging potential, as ur charging with nearly full battery, at 70-80% full current is slowly limited down to prevent batteries from overheating & over volting.
    This test needs to be repeated with a 20-25% bat charge.

  5. Voyager

    Ultracharge batteries once they are out will help cut the charging times dramatically more than half the time. And have a longer life span and give the car more torque. In the end I would say its like a holy grail of lithium ion battery

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