Tesla Model 3 Heads Up Display Installation!

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Hansshow has sent me a Heads Up Display (HUD) for the Tesla Model 3 to install and review. After driving around with it for a few days, I’m starting to really enjoy it. It works fine in the daylight, even while wearing my sunglasses with polarized lenses. It works even better at night. It’s a good size screen, and the beauty of it is that you can move it closer to you if you need it to be larger. Since I’m an old man, my vision is starting to get worse for up-close screens, so when I push this HUD back further towards the windshield, it gets clearer for me. Maybe it will be clearer for you if you pull it towards you. It uses the same font and color scheme as your Tesla Model 3, so it complements the car very well!

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26 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Heads Up Display Installation!”

  1. Vin Reddy

    I’ve had the HUD for a few months and it has worked great. But last night my car upgraded to 2020.40.4 and the HUD no longer displays speed information. The turn signals work, but that’s about it. Anyone else have this problem?

  2. Heiko Witte

    It is not true that there will be no marks on the dasboard. I have been using this for about a month now and it will be a very ugly mark on the dashboard. My recommendation is not to buy this product. I can send you pictures. Hansshow does not care about helping and they say that it has not seen this on other cars.

  3. dtm3dd

    It's odd to me that they didn't prioritise the navigation rather than the speed etc. You can view everything in the HUD super easily on the touchscreen with a quick glance… however if your passenger is browsing Spotify you lose all your nav. I'd love to see them solve that problem by making the HUD more like the Model S's front screen, rather than just mimicking the top left of the 3's touchscreen.

    I hope they hear this feedback because I'd love to get one if they do put a decent nav view up there.

  4. Be Powerful

    Reminds me of Hannshows first version of power tailgate..wires, wires, wires. I hope they, and others, continue working on a solution that is more elegant. Thanks for demo of the product and install.

  5. 209John

    I believe the whole point of the model three is for streamlined simplicity and beauty that is relaxing the last thing I would want is some little plastic aftermarket thing in my line of view. F that. sorry 👍👍

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