Tesla Model 3 FULL REVIEW Long Range model 2020 – Autogefühl

This is our in-depth review of the Tesla Model 3. We’re taking a look at Exterior, Interior and the driving experience.

Transparency note: Autogefühl videos are independent and free from editorial influence on opinion and rating. But since manufacturers enable us to do the reviews in the first place, for legal reasons this video is marked as _advertisement_.

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42 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 FULL REVIEW Long Range model 2020 – Autogefühl”

  1. my surly trucker

    Question, can you by accident open the front trunk whilst driving, I like your honesty about tesla cars clearly tesla is the car of the future now, so advanced but smart also with vegan ideas of right and wrong, oppression not right whether your a opposed cow or a oppressed woman a chicken living in horrible conditions or a child ,we teach right and wrong, we so seldom practice it.

  2. Nicole Stevens

    Time index: 10:13 when he opens the centre console, what is the remote with the 4 buttons used for in the car?
    Unless it is for a garage door remote, then I can understand lol? Otherwise, a good review on the car itself, I am thinking when I have the money saved, I would invest in a Tesla but am not sure which model I should go, for….

  3. Haramasch Abrasir

    There were so much changes in the October Update including the completely reworked center console which isn't glossy anymore and the charging space for the phones is open. There were so much changes that you could make a new review of it, the biggest features for me are: Double layered side windows (!) and power trunk (!). Grüße aus dem Bergischen.

  4. artoo45

    Your relentless proselytizing is getting old. We get it. You're a vegan. It makes your videos really annoying after a while, like if you kept going on about Jesus or Allah or Atheism. Not reproducing would actually be the single most environmental thing anyone could do, but you don't go on and on about not having children.

  5. Ma Dani

    That was a very shaky road towards the end. You should have that in each review (perhaps you do) and call it out so that we can directly sort of compare the experience/camera shake, sound between vehicles if interested.
    Best reviews on YouTube. Thank you.

  6. Peter Harrison

    Great review again, many thanks. So much better than the magazine reviews. Very good point about ride quality on bigger wheels. Our UK roads are full of potholes and getting worse by the year. Yet manufacturers/marketing insist on pushing ever larger and lower profile wheels. Fortunately I quite like the standard aero wheels on this car and 18" is already plenty big enough for a car of this proportion.  

    I also really appreciate an open minded critique of the minimalist high tech interior. A lot of people dismiss it as being "cheap" and have an irrational hatred of the iPad style touch interface. But I know now from two years driving a Model X (your review on that car was excellent too BTW) that it simply works much better than a traditional dash and allows way more flexibility in future software upgrades. But I'm also with you on the rather pointless centre console, especially with its gloss black finish. I think they could have done better there too.

  7. Roderick Snowdowne

    Nice review. One thing, you say it would be nice to be able to activate voice command from the steering wheel… You actually can do that. A longer press of the right hand steering wheel button is the same as tapping the microphone on the screen.

  8. Flat Printemps

    I own a 2020 model 3 LR AWD and this is a great review I think. The 18 inch wheels are definitely better given the rather hard suspension (it was also hard on my Golf IV I thought). This EV can also charge super fast (ionity, Tesla chargers) and this is one of the biggest advantages compared to other EVs. Sometimes I’d almost like it to be slower to justify a longer break:).

  9. Sophie Ploeg

    Really like your reviews. Amazing car, would love to drive it on holiday through Europe with the kids, but can’t help wondering about the trips to Ikea, the tip etc… And that suspension..hm.

  10. Spencer Wilton

    It should have been a hatchback, much more practical for families or as an "only car". People need a versatile space- every so often we want to transport something bulky, or take the dog, or put a big baby buggy and some luggage in the back.

  11. A

    Hallo. Danke für Dein Video. Ich bin immer noch unsicher, ob ich das Performance oder Long Range Model 3 kaufen soll….grrrrr. was meinst du/ihr? Gruss

  12. Ben Jacobs

    I really enjoyed this review. I drove a model 3 and I found the seats really comfortable but I am 5 9‘. My concern is having the entire car run through a tablet. The picture quality of the screen is really good but tablets don’t last a very long time. I don’t want to be in a situation where I can’t drive my car because the flat screen is kaputt. My other concern is panel gaps because it’s indicative of how the rest of the car was built. All that being said, I would still take this over an ID3 without hesitation. The acceleration is amazing and is something everybody needs to experience to believe. Also, when you spend a lot of money on a car you‘re not buying it to drive from point A to point B. Your buying it because of the way it makes you feel and this car makes you feel like you’re driving something from the future which is undeniably exciting.

  13. winston cat

    At this point, I am stunned by the continued purchases of brand new ICE cars in Germany, that cost essentially the same as a Model 3 long range. You keep seeing them. Why? They're already obsolete. Superb review anyway. The other things to add with the Model 3 are that it can have a tow bar fitted (900kg + 100kg) and it has class-leading usable luggage capacity. When the Y comes, this will be doubly as significant. Towing is 1600kg, and the load space, with all seats up, is a good 1/3 bigger than the Model 3 by all accounts. The German car industry is facing disaster as things stand.

  14. Rick9482

    Very fair review for the M3. Just recently found your videos and appreciate how in depth you get in your reports.
    Personally, I got very turned off by all the delivered quality issues. Missing paint, swirl marks, dust marks, panel alignment, and even problems where they tried to fix something and failed again. One particular car even had water getting into the tailgate which I believe was on a Y. One well known reviewer with a Y had multiple trips(long trips) back to the dealership to fix problems.
    Bottom line here is no Tesla Model 3 for me thanks, I'll be looking elsewhere for a new car.

  15. wrsilver

    Great review as always. Just an update, voice control works for many things including adjustment of the temperature in the cabin. You don't need to use the screen. I have the 18 inch wheels and the driving experience is just incredible as compared to any other car on the market EV or ICE.

  16. Kris Osterhout

    After watching this video, I'm missing my German colleagues. I've worked very intimately with colleagues in Germany for the past three years, and I have a deep appreciation in the German way of thinking. At first, I was put off by the very direct and critical feedback, but I realized that there is no malice behind it. The straightforward way of communication is excellent, especially for technical topics. Thanks for doing what you do!

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