Tesla Model 3 : First Impressions 1 Day Later

Jennie and I share our first impressions after owning a Tesla Model 3 for 1 day. Get these updates direct to your inbox

The first thing that stood out to us was the difference in size from our Model S. In San Diego the parking spaces aren’t huge, so having a smaller car really makes it nice.

This was both of our first experiences with Autopilot for an extended period of time so we were excited about that. Turns out it’s a bit scary at first.

Another nice feature was being able to see so far in front of you due to the shortened front-end and huge windshield.

Join us as we continue our journey and share updates along the way!

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33 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 : First Impressions 1 Day Later”

  1. oldrrocr

    Thanks Ben and Jennie (and little Jack) Great to get your wife's viewpoint in addition to your own, as she is very insightful and articulate. My wife and I will both be using our Mod 3 so you should continue to do some reviews family style. Smart to teach Jack Spanish while he is young. Great start!

  2. MA Shear

    Ben! Love the review in the early hours of your ownership and I even sent the link to my wife so she could hear your wife's POV.
    I had a question about the black paint… I know the black and the Aero Wheels are the 'free', standard options and there have been a few threads and discussions about the 'cheap', not-as-good, less-layers paint when one chooses that black paint.
    I assume that the black is just the standard paint and therefore they make available a 'no charge' color but have you heard of any quality issues with the black paint?
    Do they really put on fewer layers and/or is the paint quality less than the other colors?
    To save money, once the standard battery comes out, I will order that along with the black and aero wheels to keep costs down but I've been concerned about the black paint threads that said Tesla skimps on layers and/or clear-coats… I live in the Northeast and less durable paint would be a concern for our winters.
    Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  3. Gary Grenier

    Hi Ben. Great job on the videos! Tesla's are great! Data is Great! But, your wife is absolutely beautiful! Honestly she looks like a movie star on her own (OK maybe she resembles a cross between Margot Robbie and Caitriona Balfe). Very Smart as well. Have a great one! Be Safe!

  4. Luis Lopes

    Let me compliment you this way: your wife is so cute it almost makes me wonder if i`d rather have the car or the girl…. i`d still take the car……but only because it`s a 1st edition Model 3, and value can only increase on that one 😛

    BTW. Congrats for the vid 🙂

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