Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor AWD gets stuck in the snow

Verdict: You’re going to need snow tires if you’re driving a Tesla Model 3 in winter conditions.

In this video we get the Tesla Model 3 stuck in the snow. We turn off traction control to find out how much “Slip Start” helps in the situations where you may be in deep snow. The Model 3 gets stuck and can’t get out with “Slip Start”

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19 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor AWD gets stuck in the snow”

  1. Joshua Schultz VR180

    The Model 3 handles exceptionally well considering I have MXM4 All-Season tires mounted which came with the car. I was hoping that the wheels would all spin much faster than they did. It CAN all be updated with a future software update.

  2. Ghost El Fantasma

    ? ? you didn’t even try to “rock” the car back and forth lol… wth??!! I could’ve gotten that car out even without the wheels at full spin lol… you can see it in your video (you definitely didn’t do the rocking method).. ok ok, go watch a YouTube video of somebody rocking a car back and forth to free a stuck vehicle from snow (then you try that attempt again)… just being honest because I do watch your videos… wrong tires/no chains/no attempt to rock the vehicle. You were setting yourself up for failure. ?

  3. Raphael Gomez

    Based on this video it’s apparent that Mr. Schultz clearly doesn’t know how to drive in the snow. There’s not even that much snow. Standard procedure for getting a car unstuck is to keep the wheels straight at all times and rock it back and forth (either through successive cycling the transmission though forward and reverse (or just in one direction) and accelerating slowly until the wheels just begin to slip. Repeating this cycle rhythmically gets the car rocking back and forth in the ruts and frees it in a short period of time.

    Unfortunate that this video places the blame on the car when it’s actually the driver.

  4. MrSpuzzz

    That’s disappointing but from what I’ve read on forums the stock tires with dual motor are worse than snow tires on rear wheel drive. No first hand experience but they swear to it

  5. Jim A

    How practical would it have been in that situation to have put on the TESLA recommended Pewag snow chains. Both in terms of mounting them and then to see if they got you out of that situation? I would love to see a video of that.

  6. Lyle Nay

    Not sure what's going on here, but this seems a little staged. You never show the other side of the car or the spot where you were stuck after you pulled it out. I've been up ridiculously steep hills in super deep snow, so much so that I was pushing the snow with the front of the car and had to clear the snow out of the air intake when I stopped. I'm running the all-season tires that come stock on the AWD Model 3. BTW, I live in a resort town at 7300', it snowed 2 feet today. Are your tires really worn?

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