Tesla Model 3 Collision Avoidance | Caught on Dashcam

I was driving home today when an idiot came out of nowhere and tried to run me off the road. See real dashcam footage of Tesla collision avoidance taking evasive action and probably saving my life. Actual footage starts at 1:35.

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Crash Animation Studios was kind enough to create this amazing animation of the crash avoidance with a detailed technical analysis: I highly recommend viewing this analysis from Crash Animation Studios (

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38 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Collision Avoidance | Caught on Dashcam”

  1. Tesla Canuck

    **UPDATED CONTENT BELOW** It has become impossible for me to keep up with personal answers to every comment. So I wanted to pin a comment that summarizes some the of the questions (in no particular order). Regardless of how you feel about this video in terms of a negative or positive reaction, I want to first thank you for your contribution to the discussion. Answers to most questions can be found in this post (click on expand).

    ***UPDATE***. Now that things have died down a bit I have enabled commenting again. It just got insane there for a bit and I couldn't keep up. Community engagement is important to me. I wanted to address the matter of acceleration. Thanks to a viewer named Jeff, I was able to get the g-sensor data from the Thinkware dashcam. The g-sensor does show 4 tenths of a second (4/10 second) of acceleration at -0.18 immediately prior to braking (in context -0.18 is not flooring it – I tested and at that speed, the M3 is still capable of hitting -0.59 full throttle, at least the default g-sensor settings on Thinkware F50). I tested and it is possible to accelerate with AP on. So did I hit the accelerator, it is possible. One thing that I can say for certain is that I did not see the guy coming and try to box him in. Saying that I tried to box him in is kind of silly because how do you box in someone who is ALREADY boxed in? Keep in mind that the speed and the limitations of the camera do not show just how close this was. There is one person responsible for this incident, and that is the driver of the Yaris. I am still waiting for an update from the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) on the police report.

    1. This video is not fake or staged, that's ridiculous
    2. I am not a professional driver
    3. I was using Autopilot set at 102 km/h in a 90 km/h zone (12 kilometres over the speed limit or even up to 20 km/h over on a freeway is normal in my country, Canada)
    4. I do NOT own Tesla shares (sadly) and I do NOT monetize my YouTube channel
    5. The black car had to be going in excess of 150 km/h and had he hit me at that speed serious injury or death was absolutely a possibility. This was a serious situation
    6. Blaming this on anyone but the driver of the black car is a real head-scratcher…under no circumstances should anyone be driving 150 km/h pus in a 90 km/h zone AND while trying to cut between two cars like that. That's just insane.
    7. This happened so quickly I can't say for 100% certainty where Autopilot (actually collision avoidance) kicked in and where I took over, but I believe that it was as the Model 3 entered the empty acceleration lane
    8. I do not recall accelerating but I can absolutely see on the video why some viewers are asking this question. I am turning to the video as well to try to understand what happened in that split second
    9. Is Tesla or Autopilot perfect? No, nothing is perfect. Has Tesla implemented amazing and potentially life-saving technology in their vehicles? Yes.
    10. Yes, I have reported this to the police and provided them with the dashcam footage
    11. The incident happened on Hyw 11 between Orillia and Barrie, Ontario, Canada somewhere around 8th line

  2. B. Grove

    Ok..you paid for a car to do exactly what it was supposed to do in that situation..this is why I am unimpressed. I honestly expected to see some amazing Steve McQueen “Bullitt” maneuvers from the way you were carrying on in the intro..instead it was more like dodging a chipmunk on a Sunday drive. Just a side note..quit speeding and admitting to it on video..nothing like recording your own confession to committing a crime of your own.

  3. Jonathan Coolidge

    That's amazing; a human driver could not have reacted fast enough to do that maneuver, whereas the car could see simultaneously the reckless driver's car, the other car, and that the escape lane was clear, as well as having the split-second reflex to make the lane jump. This was pretty complex decision-making done on-the-fly, so kudos to Tesla's programmers and your car! Thanks for sharing!

  4. angusandleigh

    …I do this on my own all the time…not trying to take anything away from the fact you're OK, but the fact is that people are becoming less and less aware of their surroundings on the road everyday…distracted by their gadgets…the gadgets in the car…or just plain on relying on the car to babysit them…….drive with your eyes open and your ears alert and you just don't assholes like this guy (not the poster) don't catch you by surprise…if anything you see them coming…I always know where people are three or four cars behind me, in front of me, and on both sides of me…even on two lane roads I watch side roads, drive ways…I don't trust technology with my life…all it takes is for that thing to glitch once, and you could be lights out……

  5. Yosuf H

    Thank god nothing happen..
    First thing. Are you sure his speed about 150 km/h!!? Believe me the be happe if this toy ( reach ) 120 km/h…
    Second thing. As i see. The driver in the silver car slow down a little hard for nothing. And i think the dump driver force to do this stiupd move to avoid him or her…
    Third thing. I hope you have inside view or the sound on in the dashcam to prove is the autopilot do the work. I mean the warning sound..

    Thanks for the video

  6. KababFPV

    My autopilot can't even keep itself away from a center divider on the freeway around a slight turn let alone even update the 'field' to the sides fast enough to respond like this. I call BS on this. You probably just dodged it yourself and are doing this video just to get views. I wish autopilot was that good.

  7. Jeff Kubel

    I've got a Thinkware dashcam as well, if you pull up your Thinkware Dashcam Viewer, your G-sensor data on the X axis (green) should definitely tell you if your car sped up the moment prior to the event. GPS speed data will also show this, but it will be about 1/2 second out of sync from the video, and I believe GPS is an option on the F50 series so I'm not sure if you have it equipped on yours.

    Visually, it appears the front of the car lifted and the car sped up. It makes it look like you were engaging the other driver to prevent him from passing at the last moment. But having published dashcam footage for years myself, and having YouTube armchair quarterbacks judge my actions and intent from video footage that is misleading, I'm not going to immediately jump to that conclusion.

  8. ztechlabs

    I like how you said, what a dumb ass this guy is. Incredible that in such a narrow space there was no collision. From what I see. Originally the gap between your model 3 and the silver Yaris was bigger. And indeed there dumbass should have not attempted to pass inbetween. But looking at the speed he was going. And then just before the auto pilot kicked in. You can see the Yaris slowed down and the gap between you two was very small. I think at this point he had no where to go and I doubt he could have slowed down without rear ending the Yaris. So this definitely 100% would have been an accident if it wasn't for autopilot steering away!
    Such a close call, pretty crazy

  9. zfreak280

    Autopilot did not save your life. The car didn't even do evasive steering until the other car was already a foot in your lane and already clearing your front bumper.


    You would have been better off driving the car yourself because a SMART DRIVER never would have let that situation occur. If you were paying attention you would have seen the car approaching at a dangerously high speed and backed off the car next to you to let the dangerous driver pass safely.

  10. Coco Chanel

    As a fellow Model 3 owner in Ontario, who has had the car react to avoid a few incidents already, thanks for sharing this video !! Amazing the technology that Tesla put into this car. And tech that is saving lives. ps. I cannot believe the freakin' hate that comes towards Tesla and its owners.

  11. PoemTreasure.com

    It's hard to tell exactly, because of the distortion caused by the fish-eyed lens, but the other car looks like it may have been just far enough ahead and small enough, that no maneuvering of the Tesla car was actually necessary. Also, it may look more dramatic because the Tesla is seen moving away at the same time that the other car was going by real fast, and so it's assumed by others, that the maneuvering of the Tesla is what prevented a potential accident. If the driver was more attentive, which is actually the real issue, he would have most likely seen the car coming up on him, even before the autopilot would have taken action. If I was the driver in that situation, I would have been aware, within a split second, of the car coming up behind me at a fast rate of speed, because I always drive as an alert driver. I've been in situations like this and even more deadly but as a defensive driver, I was able to see any potential situations that could unfold and take preventive actions.

  12. DC TV

    Would it be alright with you Tesla Canuck to use this clip in my upcoming road madness compilation on my channel? Credit, links in the description, and name on the screen, as always will be provided.
    Look forward to your response.

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