Tesla Model 3 Auto Present Door Handle and Soft Closing Door

Please watch this before you consider buying the Hansshow soft closing doors and auto presenting door handles.

**These are Hansshow products which I do not recommend. The links below are for Tesla Offer out of Hong Kong and their partners AmpTech in Germany.

Tesla Offer Website (if ordering in the United States):
Discount Code: frugalteslaguy

AmpTech: (if ordering in Europe)

Professional Installer Larry Li:

Referral Code:

48 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Auto Present Door Handle and Soft Closing Door”

  1. Stormspark

    This looks too fancy and way too much trouble for me. I'd rather just open and close the doors the old fashioned way. I may at one point do the auto closing frunk mod (mine will be the 2021 refresh so I have to check and see what it has to start with before I even think about mods).

  2. CosmicMicron

    Why would you do that? Door handles on the S have so many issues and are super expensive…. i would never buy this for model 3.
    The reason they did not do that on the Model 3 is that you did not pay 100K so you did not get 100K car. Period. Stop asking why did we not get all the things the S has on the 3. It is not the same car.

  3. Alex R

    Have you gotten any 12v errors from all the mods?
    If your battery dies Can you still push on the door handle to open it like normal?
    Does the emergency release still function?
    Is the soft close quick? Do you need to do the door handles to get the soft close?

  4. Dennis Schlieckau

    Mike, I wit you would have slowed the video and shown what mods were done to the door handle assembly. Details are important. I a DIY’r and no problem taking on a project like this but the more advanced details I can have the more comfortable I am taking on these projects.

  5. Nigel Wood

    I like your videos. But I wouldn’t say self presenting doors, and auto trunks and frunks are particularly in keeping with the word ‘frugal’ in your channel’s title. It’s clear that these are not included in the Model 3, or as an option, in order to keep costs down by streamlining production

  6. AMPTech

    Dear @frugalTeslaGuy – didn't you realize, how the Doors have a delay opening ? These products can be really Dangerous!
    We are spending a Lot of time repairing Teslas having Problems with Hansshow parts. I dont want to shitstorm anybody but these products are First of all copied and second really cheaply produced and partially Dangerous…
    You can contact us for more information.

  7. C Smith

    So if a civilian was having all of these systems installed (auto open trunk, frunk, soft close/ handle present) what might the total cost be? Either by item installed or the complete package. Thanks

  8. Adam Smith

    Junk. The only other auto manufacturer who uses this is Land Rover and for good reason: they break all the god damn time and when they do break they arent cheap to fix

  9. Daryl Brice

    Can you auto present the handles when your picking someone up, so from inside the car via the touchscreen? Would be useful if you were an Uber driver or the future Tesla Network.

  10. Anthony F

    When I was doing the trunk I got to the point of the canbus connector and like yours it was the wrong size cause I have a 2018. Are they getting you one. They told me pretty much not to worry about it. But I want it for the v4 extra options. Kinda disappointed with them. Never did it say it would not work with my 2018. And they don’t seem to want to send me the connector that will fit. I wasted all that time running cables for nothing. Maybe you have more pull with them. If you get one of have extras I would be willing to pay you to ship it to me for your time and effort. Thanks. Let me know any information.

  11. Rick9482

    I like the soft closure on the door but auto present seems like overkill.
    The guy definitely earns his money but just too complicated and expensive for so little gain.
    Nice video on this complicated process.

  12. Free

    This guy earns his pay that's for sure. But I'm not sure if all of this is worth to just push the handle. Personally I don't see any use for it.
    But the trunk auto opening is useful

  13. OneMusic StoryTesla

    1. can you list out all the prices for each product, and the total SUM that you paid the installer?
    2. does he charge labor to anyone or does he just sell the products in hopes that people will install them themselves?

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