Tesla Model 3 Already with new Battery What!

Why do you need a new battery when the Model 3 is not even a year old. We provide the explanation here. Please support us by using our referral code when buying a new Tesla Model S , X or 3. The first 1/2 year you will get free supercharging.

35 Replies to “Tesla Model 3 Already with new Battery What!”

  1. Ahmed Azzam

    Hi All , to whom it may concern for the cars that have lead acid batteries and still working try this product Battery Desulfator I tried this product in my internal combustion engine car and it really duplicate the life time almost and very cheaper than Li ion modification , please check the internet reviews, This desulfator can get the crystalline sulfate dissolved back to the electrolyte, thus restoring the battery function and the electrolyte strength

  2. Best Hand

    Tesla put lead acid battery there for a reason: I would be concern to use li-ion 12V battery in low temperatures like -10F for example. For warm climate areas it should be ok I guess, except that charging characteristics specifically made for lead acid battery.

  3. Keith Spiro

    Almost perfect. After installing battery I used anticorrosion res and black felt washers and then spray white spray paint completely over both terminals to double protect ends from corrosion. Used this technique on hundreds of batteries ive installed as a mechanic for over 30 years…

  4. mariolondyn50

    Have you seen ? This small battery gives about 500 km of travel , so why Tesla engineers do not mount second the same battery for traveling 1000 km? It's really so simple ! 😀 😀 😀 .

  5. JK ev

    Mega interessant – Coole Sache Rolf. Falls ich in 2 Jahren ein gebrauchtes Model 3 haben werden, werde ich solch einen Tausch definitiv in Betracht ziehen. Daumen hoch ?

  6. DrSpezo

    when he said "It's very easy to change the battery",
    i thought: "Oh well no, they will not exchange all the freakin' 5k round cells in 6min.
    they must exchange the whole pack, yes just every average car mechanic in californa
    has some Tesla battery packs lying around, it's produced in Nevada like shit,
    it RAINS Li-ion-battery packs in California!!"

  7. megahuntinsocke

    wow just seen the price
    compared to normal batteries its like 4x higher and change take 10min max with model 3. well guess if its half the price id go with one but how it stand atm, i'd rather go with acid battery and change it myself after 1.5 years or so.
    but lets see how long Li io hold up over long time 🙂

  8. Reinhard vom Dobel

    Hi Rolf, the title is somewhat click-bait 🙂 I guess most people would assume that you refer to the HV Battery…
    Once my Model X lead acid battery shows signs of serious problems, I would certainly look into this alternative battery. Maybe, by then, there will be an importer to Germany.
    The small spark when reconnecting the Battery will be at every car – ICE, electric or other, because most electronics connected to the 12V bus have larger capacitors at their power inputs.

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