Tesla Autopilot in Heavy LA Traffic

Software version 9 (2018.48.12). Tesla Model 3. Navigate on Autopilot in heavy highway traffic.

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Quick video showing merging and lane changing in moderately heavy highway traffic with Navigate on Autopilot. Autopilot performs well when there’s about 2 or more car-lengths between vehicles, but can swerve unnaturally when aborting an automatic lane change.

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42 Replies to “Tesla Autopilot in Heavy LA Traffic”

  1. epSos.de

    Great technology. The autopilot did overtake the silver-gray family van at the end 🙂
    If it was able to surf traffic faster and safer than the human driver, what is there to complain ?

  2. Jonny B

    Holy shit I would never live in a major city simply because of driving. Maybe in 30-40 years when all cars are automated I'll consider it because I do want to live in a large city sometime in my life but my lord this is terrible

  3. coooolibri

    i can tell you one thing. without knowing too much about the car, the engineering, or the system behind it. if a guy comes from behind with 220, 2 lanes away, your system will just fail.

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