Tesla Autopilot Fast on Winding Road – V9 versus V8

Back again this time with software version 9 (2018.50.6) on California State Route 79.

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Comparison to version 8 (2018.26.3) released about 6-months earlier. Fast drive on a scenic road with plenty of curves. 60 mph (95 km/h)

Note that this drive was under ideal weather and lighting conditions, and virtually no other cars on the road.

33 Replies to “Tesla Autopilot Fast on Winding Road – V9 versus V8”

  1. taurusview9

    Not too happy about your video, you say navigate on auto pilot, what does it mean, have your hands on wheel? You say autopilot is only active on divided highways, yet you show a video on autopilot on a non-divided highway……thank you for ur video, but very unhappy with the confusing info you provided. Waste of my time!

  2. Jose Aleman

    Tesla autopilot owners are essentially guinea pigs for the future of transportation. Eventually (20 to 80 years)all the cars/buses/trucks will drive themselves and there will be a huge decrease in road accidents. To get there we need brave souls willing to test the limits of the AI we have. Thank you. This might look crazy now, but will prove to be super important in the future.

  3. eblgraphics

    Screw that lol one I like driving two no way in hell I would test a self-driving car under those conditions. Literally, I don't trust that technology at this moment. Maybe in ten years.

  4. Chris J

    Holy moly this video scared the crap out me. Does not take turns well, crosses the double yellow. Seems to react to corners fairly late. Have you Scott Kubo been passed by any motorcycles on these roads with auto pilot on? If so did it effect the auto pilot?

  5. Priyank Sharma

    I'll be utterly surprised if you didn't have your hands on the steering ALL THE TIME ! That would be really unsafe. I mean, how does the car even know you're awake and keeping an eye out ! Does it have a DMC a la Cruise ?

  6. TheThird555

    What about school zones? I don't want my driver license gets taken away from me, because the navigation system didn't recognize school zone speed limit… Do you think to give schools chips to send the signal to the car? It can be a huge project or is it already solved, based on the yellow blinking signal? How to make sure it adjusts speed without interference? Based on the google map and the time of the day?

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