TEN 302 – $20k Kandi Electric Car, Hummer EV Reveal Set, Sony Vision S Testing


Please note: in today’s show we reported that Elon Musk had spoken out against further governmental assistance programs but had then clarified to state that any further funds should go directly to citizens through UBI, since funds have gone to special interest groups rather than citizens in the past.

We failed to mention the latter part of this – but since the story focused on business assistance — something Tesla partook in – we felt it was not pertinent. On further reflections, we have come to understand that was the wrong choice.

We are sorry for the the confusion.


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Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.

The Timings:

00:27 Welcome
00:57 Kandi Launches low-cost electric cars in the U.S.
01:50 Lucid unveils its answer to Tesla’s AutoPilot
02:39 Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD doesn’t appear on Tesla’s configuration – but does appear on its loan calculator
03:34 Lordstown Motors showcases a working prototype of Endurance pickup, showcases jobs it might be used for
04:23 GMC Hummer EV to get its reveal this coming fall!
05:14 While Tesla took payroll benefits from the U.S. Federal Government, Elon Musk says loans are ‘not in the interest of the people’
06:17 Confusion abounds over future of the Kia e-Soul
07:09 European plug-in cars doubled during June – ZOE now dominates
08:05 Revel scooter share service temporarily ends its scooter service
09:11 Tesla borrows $700 million in new bonds sale
09:25 Toyota executive says solid-state batteries are on track for 2025 production
09:41 Panasonic plans to boost the energy density of Tesla 2170 cells by 20% in five years – and go cobalt-free in two to three years
10:01 The EPA Inspector General is going to investigate the EPA’s rollbacks for fuel efficiency and emissions
10:18 German Company supplies lift kit to take your Tesla Model 3 off-road @delta4x4
10:35 Brian from i1Tesla lifts his Model Y for off-roading @i1Tesla
10:56 Honda workin on an electric Super Cub!
11:13 Rivian shows more off-road videos
11:29 German startup promises pint-sized EVs that are reminiscent of VW Microbus
11:51 Hyundai looks to increase EV production in home market of Korea as Tesla outsells it
12:08 Cadillac LYRIQ EV unveiling is in less than a week
12:27 GM and EVgo announce plans to triple the EVGo network with 2,700 new fast chargers over the next five years
12:44 Alaska Public Media showcases how EVs can work even when it’s forty-below
13:03 Tesla Bjorn showcases Xpeng’s answer to the Tesla Christmas Light @Teslabjorn Thai
13:27 GM shows progress on the Ultium Cells LLC plant
13:47 Fisker promises four new vehicles, says reservations now at 7,062
14:01 Amazon opens massive charging station in Essen, Germany to charge electric delivery vehicles
14:18 Mercedes-Benz teases range of EQS in Shareholder meeting
14:37 Tesla safety report data shows improvement over previous year
15:00 Northvolt raises $1.6 billion in debt financing
15:23 New Zealand Military trailing home-grown all-wheel drive electric motorcycles
16:14 Sony Vision S heading onto the road for testing
17:07 Thanks and Goodbye!

40 Replies to “TEN 302 – $20k Kandi Electric Car, Hummer EV Reveal Set, Sony Vision S Testing”

  1. Gorazd Korošec

    Nobody is paying you to advocate for wearing masks, so stop it! It has nothing to do with EVs or fossil-fuel-free transport. Normal people don't wear masks, they are for Martians and sheep.

  2. JB Darr

    Nice to hear that you give a “hum” to the comments of the American rich. They all made out quite nicely on their stimulus… while we commoners won’t be able to afford even thinking about buying an EV for a LONG time. 🚙🚘🚗🚙🚘😫

  3. Wes Johnston

    You (ie all companies and individuals) are compelled to pay taxes into a system they may or may not agree with. It only makes sense that you can take back any monies on the table with a clear conscience. Let me put this a different way… This is a significant point: YOU have already paid money into the US public system, so why shouldn’t you get them back in the form of services? Why should YOU add an extra burden on YOURSELF?

  4. MiniBX

    NYC & mopeds , not a good convo. People renting Revels are braking every law that they can brake, there good riders and then everybody else , red lights, no helmets , using bike lanes or walking and running paths inside green spaces and my favorite , riding on the highway with a passenger in a Revel, I kid you not, Ive seen it 3 times now. Once they expanded everything went to hell for Revel , they suspended more than 2,000 accounts because of this, just insane.

  5. Jordie Fitzgerald

    I feel like/ believe Elon's comment regarding the "stimulus package" not being what "the people" needs right now as single hint that the last few stimulus packages didn't go to them but to big corp.
    He's anti waste after all.

  6. Electrified ICE

    I'm not a Tesla fanboy, I don't own Tesla stock, none of my electric cars are Teslas.

    Regarding your comment about Elon's tweet about the stimulus package…

    It amazes me how many media outlets are quick to quote the 1st part of Elon's tweet, but leave out the end which states that he believes the money should go directly to the people, not the corporations.

    The 1st stimulus package paid out $1200/person, but it is estimated that had the funds gone directly to the people, the payout would have been $6,000/person.

    The 2nd stimulus package will also payout $1200/person, but once again the majority will go to the corporations & special-interest.

    For example, $30 BILLION is earmarked for the Pentagon.
    That's BILLION with a B.
    That will be very helpful for the citizens trying to pay their rent & feed their families.

    Really? You didn't think the point he was trying to make was "pertinent"?

    Sounds like you didn't check your facts, you just went with what you heard.

    It was right for you to retract your comments, unfortunately most people will never know about that, because they'll only know what you said in the video.
    And they'll believe it because that's what every other media outlet is saying.

    A retraction is not enough.
    You should edit the video to cut out that segment or re-do it to reflect the facts, otherwise you continue to perpetuate your error.
    A retraction after the fact, does little to correct the lie you perpetuated against Musk.
    That lie will continue to damage his reputation for as long as the uncorrected video remains available to the public.
    Also, it is not only his reputation that will be tarnished by what you said.

  7. Forrest Olney

    What if tesla could run a fleet wide soc and find used teslas that have not been charged.
    The battery could be bricked. This could be a massive waste of energy in building the car and the battery.

  8. Pink Elephants

    I watched that Tesla lift of the owner's Model Y & had to laugh. Those sorts of roads are completely normal Down Under (& in many other parts of the world) & we drive at normal speeds in bog standard vehicles without any palaver whatsoever. 😏

  9. Pink Elephants

    At first I thought that the Kandi wasn't too bad. But it's still far too expensive for what you get &, perhaps from a merely practical point of view, a top speed of only 63mph will limit drivers to surface streets only; you're not going to be able to overtake other vehicles at that speed – at least not safely. Yes, obviously it's only intended for city use but even in cities, there's often some motorway/freeway driving.

  10. Clayton Root

    4:59 Seriously??? 11,599 Foot Pounds of Torque??? A Nitro Methane Powered Top Fuel Dragster produces on the order of only 8,000 pound feet of torque (with up to 11,000 horsepower) and is capable of accelerating to well over 300 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds. That's gonna be one seriously fast Hummer!

  11. Rick Adrian

    Great video. it is interesting that the Zoe is recording high sales in Europe while Renault are announcing its withdrawal from Australia. They are squarely blaming government policy but mention nothing of never advertising it, dealerships on average 500km apart and that they are selling as new 2017 models that went on sale here about 8 weeks ago. I would love one, but over $45k for a 2017 dealer demo with the smaller battery and no fast charging or pretty much $50k new (still 2017 model)?

  12. Chris Till

    In my view, rental motorcycle / scooter services shouldn’t exist. There’s the hygiene issue and people not using helmets, people not being properly trained, and really there’s no benefit over an e-bike share system. And if you need to carry more stuff, cities can offer e-cargo bikes for rental as well. Or just buy one.

  13. Pikminiman

    By far the most exciting news story this week for me is Sony doing public road testing on their Vision-S electric car. I'm still skeptical Sony will bring it to market, but even the mere possibility is exciting.

  14. Island Concierge

    I love your show soooooo much🙏….you are excellent….great great content…thank you sooo much. We must transition and evolve and your show is a true educator for us all…I am a fan of tesla…however Im wide open to all others players who are taking electic into action and creating…Very great work…I wish I knew your name…presenter. I love that you have added a slice about electric motorcycles and I too have a motorcycle and want to convert to electric…welcome more content on electric 2 wheelers…live all your content sincerely cant say enough..thank you for creating this channel. Im all the way in Jamaica and there is already a Tesla here…please please keep your lovely show going and bring us all the info…about evs of every nature…you are empowering the transition…one love from myself and 🇯🇲

  15. Andy McCabe

    'science doesn't lie' – unless you're a certain orange individual with a preposterous hairdo, and an obsession with tweeting utter nonsense every five minutes…….!

  16. Seth L

    Humm yourself! We don't need another stimulus. People should live within their means and save for these situations. Printing trillions is just devaluing our currency.

  17. Roger Bradley

    I'm wondering if the interpolated and unavoidable adverts are imposed by YouTube or chosen by video.producers?
    Either way, they're much more annoying than ads at start or end used to be.

  18. John McQue

    You took Elon Musk statement out of context. He said that the people need monthly medial income $2000 or more a month instead of creating giant pork barrels for corporate interests..

  19. Andrew Maloney

    "in Autumn". You are aware you live on a spherical planet, where precisely half the time half the planet is experiencing "autumn", it is SPRING on precisely the other half of the planet. Of course that doesnt take into account that "autumn" does not even exist in between the tropics.

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