Tello Drone in 2020 | Still Good?

Thought I would revisit the Tello to see if its still holding up after being on the market for a while. Is it still worth it in late 2020 on into 2021? Find the Tello here: or at the DJI Store:

Here’s the Tello bundled with Controller:
Extra Tello Batteries:

PGYTECH Drone and Photography Gloves:


(Sony a6400):
My Main Mic:
My Drone Landing Pad:
My Headcam:

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I am an FAA Part 107 sUAS Certificate holder. While FUN is always the objective for me, I also believe in adherence to the rules set forth in order to fly safely and smartly.

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0:00 Intro
1:44 Benefits of a wifi repeater
2:21 Perfect gloves for flying drones!
3:34 Windy day flight test and stability test
5:40 Photo samples
6:18 Up and away demonstration and video samples
8:12 Snowy day flight test
8:51 360 mode demonstration
9:25 Bounce mode demonstration
10:40 Circle/orbit mode demonstration
12:04 Hand landing
12:20 Throw and go demonstration
13:20 Photo samples
14:58 Lets talk about specs and features
17:40 Final thoughts


26 Replies to “Tello Drone in 2020 | Still Good?”

  1. TheGonzo31u

    YOU SHOULD NOT USE PROP GUARDS WHEN FLYING OUTSIDE. This effects video quality and aerodynamics and flight time, the wind will grab the prop guards and will make it fly like a kite. I have also had good and bad video feeds depending on the device I use. High end Samsung or iPhone had a much better connection than less quality devices. Tello is a great beginner drone, have fun.

  2. S Kris

    Very useful update review. Re dropped frames videos, please show how it is with a lower bitrate (720 res should be good with 2.5mbps) and a WiFi extender, thanks!

  3. Cody Edwards

    I have that drone but I don’t fly the tello drone anymore because I got my new drone DJI Mavic Mini so I fly my Mavic Mini drone more than tello drone and tello drone doesn’t have gps the Mavic Mini does

  4. Eva De Fraye

    Does anyone here have any experience on controlling the Tello drone with an ipad 6th generation? Tello support tells me only ipad 4 mini is supported (but that they're testing other devices).

  5. Vincent DiTizio

    Love my Tello. It's just a cute and funny drone. I put a little anti collision strobe on it with velcro. It adds to the comedy. There it is flying around the garden at maybe 20 feet high and it's flashing away like it's trying to avoid a helicopter. The light also helps when it crashes in dense brush. Hard to find except for the flashing light.

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