TCL P8S UHD Android TV – A Detailed Insight !

P8S UHD powered by the latest AI technology and TCL Android TV OS, expand your LED viewing experience with Full-Screen design. Its equipped with latest 4K HDR10+ Display, Micro Dimming, Google Assistance, Chromecast built-in function & Dolby Audio sound. The P8S UHD LED TV gives you the perfect family entertainment center.

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20 Replies to “TCL P8S UHD Android TV – A Detailed Insight !”

  1. PrincePalm

    My 55" TCL 4k HDR Roku Tv passed away yesterday my sister was playing a game and the tv just automatically turned off it lasted 3 years i did the methods it doesn't work i dont even a stand by to blink or turned on its just completely dead i think… I did send a report so welp…

  2. Matthew

    Besides some pauses, I would just like to point out that this guy knows how to present and make things interesting despite English not being his first language. Great job, man!

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