TCL 55EP680 4K UHD Android TV review

Review of TCL EP68 series model (55EP680) 4K UHD TV.

Unboxing video:

Review sample provided by Agramservis (

Gaming video in 2160p60:

Display Specifications:

From TCL:
EP68 Series combines Frameless Ultra Slim Metal Design, 4K HDR PRO Picture quality with Wide Color Gamut, Dolby Vision, and the most advanced Smart TV system ever: AndroidTV with Google Assistant built-in. Designed for those who do not want to compromise between elegance, picture quality and easy access to the content they love, the EP68 Series will blend into your interior and let all members of your family enjoy their favorite content in exceptional picture quality.

Official website:

TV supplied by: Agramservis
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SDR picture settings:

HDR picture settings:

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37 Replies to “TCL 55EP680 4K UHD Android TV review”

  1. Jan Košák

    Here is TCL 2021 lineup:
    TCL X925 Pro 8K miniLED LCD-OG Zero
    TCL X925 8K miniLED LCD
    TCL C825 4K miniLED LCD
    TCL C728 4K LCD
    TCL C725 4K LCD
    TCL P725 4K LCD
    – most will have HDMI 2.1 with ALLM and VRR, DV IQ and Google TV on Android 11.

  2. Christopher Plat

    Hey Darko. Really appreciate your work. Bought myself a TCL EP68 recently. Applied all of your suggested calibration settings. Love it. One thing I realized: The picture of content I directly watch on the TV does not match with the picture of HDMI connected devices like NVIDIA Shield TV. As it also comes with Android TV and has the same UI and apps installed as the TV, the picture should look exactly the same with the same picture settings. For both devices I chose Cinema/Film mode with your recommended calibration settings. The TVs Android TV UI and the content I watch looks a lot more vibrant, colourful and pleasing. The Shield TVs picture looks darker and a lot less vibrant and colourful. Do you have any hints for me? Do I have to calibrate every source differently to get the same results?

  3. S S

    Pitanje za redakciju:Da li da uzmem Tcl 55',65' iz ranga povoljnijih ili neki drugi sa androidom tipa Sharp ili Samsung,LG iste velicine i slicnog cenovnog ranga?Znaci pitanje,sta preporucijete tv sa androidom ili neki Samsung,LG pa da nakacim na njega neki android tv box…Pozz vama

  4. Kristian

    Hello sir! Thank you for this video. How would you compare this TCL to the Phillips 70PUS7555(Uses a The One 7304-panel) The brightness is about the same? Thanks!

  5. TheSnap3r

    Thanks for the great review. You mentioned in the video the TCL EC78. That tv recently became available in my country. What are your thought on it ? Is it better than the EP680 ? I'm thinking of buying it that's why m asking.

  6. A-Job

    wtF!! no motion interpolation?? Film Mode? what is IPQ 2.0 Engine?
    Surely you already know, on samsung TVs if the input is as PC it deactivates the processing and various improvements. Will the same happen on this TV? It is that I do not understand it, it is a 4K VA 60Hz panel with local diming and does not have interpolated frames? Is that for that I buy a 4K PC monitor, I do not know if it would be a better option.

  7. B A

    Hi Darko, searching for a 4K TV as a computer monitor for web development, programming, daily use & a movie sometimes. Could the TCL 55ep660 be the right (budget) choice?
    You said it is capable for chroma subsampling 4:4:4, but is there anything else what I can expect as a problem? Planning to use it around 80 cm eyes distance.
    It is hard to find that kind of info so I would be grateful for any help, or if you have any other recommendation. Thank you & keep up the good work!
    Može odgovor i na Hrvatskom, ako je lakše, hvala 🙂 Pozdrav

  8. John Green

    I have just bought the techwood 65inch 4k HDR tv from ao .com because of the price. Do you know anything at all about techwood and the company because I was not expecting much because if the price. Only 400 pounds yes 400 only. I was very impressed with the performance and the picture for such a cheap option. Is this a LG or Sony in different clothing??? Have I made the right decision?or is it going to break after 6-12month or am I just being positive because I have bought it and I am just seeing what I am wanting to see and really if someone like yourself who actually knows what he is talking about looking at the picture would you say it's cheap and rubbish. I was shocked as it has her,Dolby picture,Dolby sound,dts sound,hdr10,everything you wound expect from a tv double the price ao are asking for this tv!!! So you see where I'm going with this . I really do think it is a LG or Sony in a different package.please tell me I'm right because I won't be so worried about the TV and know I got a proper bargain.thanks darko for reading this and hopefully you can give me some good news in the reply. If I am clutching at straws and it isn't as good as I am hoping and techwood are a individual company who produce and make there own tvs and are rubbish please tell me so I know ok.can u get back to me asap because depending on what you say is important and I trust your expertise so depending on the reply will mean whether I keep it or take it back and buy another one so hurry,my tv depends on it lol

  9. π zet

    Hey Darko, thanks for review. I'm wondering, how does it compare to LG 50UM7540/7600. They're at the same price level but seem to be slightly different. What's your oppinion?

  10. John Green

    Thanks for the review. I am wondering what is the best out of this tv or the hisence 65inch r6 roku? I am asking this question because they both have good reviews a d similar price. I personally like the r6 for the looks and roku but what do you think. Thanks again and I have subscribed and liked your review. J green England

  11. The End

    Hi Darko. I'm here in New Zealand. I've just bought a Panasonic Oled 65" FZ950. Panasonic New Zealand have told me to watch movies/tv in 4:3, not 16:9. This is to prevent screen burn/ghost image. Is this setting correct?, it doesn't sound right to me. Thanks for answering my question.

  12. robac000

    Darko, koja je tvoja preporuka za Android TV 55" cijenom do oko nekih 5000kn? Sony,Philips,Tcl…? Neki odredjeni model? Ne igram igrice, gledam filmove i serije, TV ne gledam pod extremnim kutovima, ali naravno ne bi htio da se ne mogu pomaknut pola metra. Sto se zvuka tice, znam da su svi ocajni zato imam optikom spojen mini hi-fi pa mi ta stavka nije bitna.

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