[TAS] SNES Sunset Riders by jmosx36 in 17:13.23

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see TAS originally published on 2019-02-20.

An action-packed wild-west shooting game converted from the arcades. Unlike the Genesis version ( the SNES version does feature all of the levels from the arcade game.

jmosx36 defeats Sir Richard Rose in record time.

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  1. Michel Angelo

    I liked the upgraded arcade version, my favorite part is when there's this girl who throws dynamite at you, I always grabbed the dynamite, held it a little and threw it back, the girl then ran to grab it again and blew in her face rofl.
    And what's with the long ass skirts of the dancers? Arcade version has pantyshots

  2. Jonas Valim

    Pra quem sempre teve dúvida do que os chefes dizem, vou tentar ajudar:
    CHEFE 1: É hora de pagar – Me enterre com meu dinheiro
    CHEFE 2: Saca a arma peregrino – Me pegou
    CHEFE 3: Tu tá com um problemão – To com um problemão
    CHEFE 4: Vamos te estourar – Isso foi um estouro
    CHEFE 5: Adeus amigo – Adeus amigo
    CHEFE 6: Te prepara pro estouro – To estourado
    (Não atira no meu irmão, ele só tá seguindo ordens)
    (Ok madame, a gente não vai atirar nele)
    CHEFE 7: Aye Chihuahua [sei lá o que é isso!!] – Até a tchau tchau (?)
    CHEFE 8: Tchau velho amigo – Eu digo, um pouco de azar!

  3. borot man

    That. Was. AWESOME!
    Ok, I know no one wants to hear this, but the game isn't exactly PC. There's plenty of blame to be thrown around, not least of which is the US's very own representation of the Wild West looks like, so I can't exactly ignore the game's problems from that aspect.

    That said, and I say this without any irony, I'd sooner play this over something like Red Dead Redemption. Retro arcade style, tough to master and the awesome soundtrack going with the stylised visuals, I can only count the many ways I prefer it over other games, not least of which even the bare bones plot gives me something to think about over whatever melodrama passes for story in far too many modern games.

    I'm probably just being nostalgic. However, I remember a time where action games were filled with action and graphics meant making your game look stylistically unique over the same failed attempts at emulating realism over and over and over again. Modern game design is awesome, but I hoped it wasn't style over substance padded with making grass look pretty and stories existing just to pad out gameplay time.

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