Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #103: Chevrolet Bolt | Consumer Reports

Turns out the first relatively affordable long-range electric car isn’t from Tesla; the Chevy Bolt beats the Tesla Model 3 to market. We found the Bolt to be enjoyable and practical, but wonder if buyers will be turned off by its dowdy styling.

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21 Replies to “Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #103: Chevrolet Bolt | Consumer Reports”

  1. brian m barton

    Too bad you couldn't figure out the shifter! Simply pull it back and you shift from "D to "L" or "L to "D" ! Reading the manual would have helped, Huh? Putting the car down because you are uninformed is not acceptable!

  2. Bill Smith

    The middle class soccer mom is not looking for a Pretty super duper Tesla she's looking for something that will get her around town room for the kids and the groceries in the rear and that's what this car is! Ford makes more on its SUVs annually and Porch has ever made on it:s Sportsters sooner or later this reality will sink in with one of the major automobile manufacturers and whrn it does that manufacture will control the market for a decade at least! The bolt and vehicles like it are the future of electric vehicles. Electric are cheaper to build and there's no real reason why the prices are so high. Come on Jam or Ford are you going to let Toyota beat you out again looks like Hyundai's heading that way!

  3. Kevin Grishkot

    So, I must vehemently disagree with your evaluation of the Bolt EV styling. My 2019 Bolt EV is smoking hot, in my not so humble opinion. Plus, it's styling has more to do with aerodynamics than anything else. If you notice, the same planform is in use by the Honda Fit, Buick Envision, Nissan Leaf and others. As more and more style is driven by aerodynamics, you're going to see more of that. So, I'm sorry if that's too boring for you, but aero is cool, boxes on wheels are not.

  4. Leo M. Mara

    I drive a 2018 Bolt EV and live in Northern CA. I was trained on our 2011 Prius, to drive consciously aware of our environment. So far I have averaged over 300 mi./full charge. I have owned many cars, of all types, in my many years. I love this car. It is quite, solid and way fun to drive. Anyone who judges this book by it's cover is missing out on a great ride at a great price. Being 6' – 2" and weighing over 300 lbs., there is lots of head and leg room. My two complaints are the driver's seat is too narrow and not padded enough. I hope Chevrolet does a recall to fix these problems.

  5. Andrew Cantu

    It's unfortunate that you got the operation of the shifter completely wrong. You only have to hold the side button down to leave park. After you're in a gear you don't have to use the button anymore. Shifting between L and D mode only requires flipping the lever downwards, not upwards thru neutral then back.

  6. Alexander Hamilton

    I HATE the guy in the middle! "There's not 300,000 people running out and buying the Bolt!" (therefore I can't judge at to weather or not it's a good car! I don't have any sales figures to look at. I have to….THINK! and COMMIT TO AN OPINION! WHAT IF IM WRONG!?!? I MIGHT BE ON "THE OUTSIDE"!!!! O MY! I"M SO SCARED OF TAKING AN UNPOPULAR OPINION!" DUDE! THE BOLT JUST CAME OUT THE MONTH YOU DID THIS VIDEO! It's now over a year later. The Chevy Bolt EV in it's first full year has sold 23,297. In the Prius's first year, Toyota sold 15,556. That means the Chevy Bolt has outsold the Toyota Prius by 50%, comparing 1st year to 1st year. 50%. That's an incredible number. Give it time. The sales figures get better every month. I saw 2 of them -from MY Chevy Bolt – in one, 10 minute shopping trip. Just you wait. Change is comin.

  7. John Smith

    I am so interested in the true EV, not a hybrid. That being said they will have to become practical first. By that I mean they have to be able to compete with a comparable gas model such as the Toyota Corolla or the ford focus gas in price, distance, and refueling times. First they need to get the prices down to the same range as the comparable vehicles which is at least half or more what they are priced today before any government tax incentives. . I paid 16,208 out the door for my gas model. Second they need to get the range up to at least 500 miles using full air or heat and third they need to get the charging times down to 10 to 15 minutes max empty to full charge. The technology is out there if they will get on board.

  8. kens97sto171

    The Honda Fit, Nissan Versa Note, Etc. Are just as "boring" and they sell a lot of them.
    Most average consumers don't care about looks so much.. as they do practicality.. and this car is practical.
    Honestly don't think it looks bad either myself… It looks like a regular car.. which is a good thing.
    Charging network be my main issue.
    Though I hear Chevy is working on putting charge points at Chevy dealer… That would make long distance traveling decent.

  9. mark nelson

    Interesting points that you brought up but just as interesting as the points that you didn't bring up. Like this is an electric car by LG not Chevy. That is LG made the drivetrain they supply the batteries the motors etc. The part that Chevy provided was the body the one thing you don't like what would've been better is if you had also talked about what kind of heating and cooling this vehicle has as that affects range

  10. Alexander C

    23,000 delivered in the first year of production – good, however now you have new Nissan Leaf,
    Model 3 being delivered with other EVs with range over 200 miles coming this year, so to be seen if Bolts delivery figures can gain any extra sales….

  11. Howard Butts Bearco

    I hope to perches a Bolt (looks great to me) and move the n from my 12 Volt with 55 land used 450 gallons just of gas and just one oil change.
    I loved owning the Volt I don't like the bumping ones head and drag you but getting out problems.
    We love to challenge the mileage game so bring it on.

  12. Carlton Wilson

    The Bolt EV isn't fast? Yet it's faster than many current "sporty cars" . Two engineers on the panel and you can't figure out a shifter? HINT: once in Drive , pull the shifter back for Low then again for Drive, this allows you to toggle between the two drive modes. I was so impressed with the BOLT EV , that I bought one and it's been great.

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