Taking Delivery of the Mid-Range 2018 Tesla Model 3!!!

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36 Replies to “Taking Delivery of the Mid-Range 2018 Tesla Model 3!!!”

  1. chinqalicious

    i like this , i mean i would love a model x or s p100d but lmfaooo we aint rich out here, i like the point of view of buying a tesla but now spending lots of money and trying to buy the affordable one

  2. USMC MSgt

    It would be so cool if you could discontent the monitor and use as a tablet and when ready to drive the car just hook back up…. I bet it will happen in the near future….

  3. MA 0

    I went in pre-approved by my own bank, really only took 1 1/2 hrs at the dealership. not 3-4 hours waiting to get financed and such.. Thanks for the vid!

  4. Nolan Ronayne

    Make sure when you get the Autopilot trial pop-up you take it, because it doesn't come back, and you can't save it for a later date. You'll have 30 days of it so should have plenty of time.

  5. P8ntballa

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Auto pilot is cool but I think people are getting caught up in the extras and hype, but I'd be hype about not buying gas, no oil changes and less maintenance gas powered vehicles suffer..congrats man??

  6. George Shonia

    Congratulation! Your family now is far safe on the road than before.. But, you definitely must to buy an autopilot, it's fantastic for long trips and huge adventage to compared other drvivers on the road!

  7. max holland

    Jordan – great video. Although your plan to make a video showing us the inside/outside of the car would be okay, there are already a huge amount of videos about that. However – you could be the FIRST person on the internet to report on the Mid Range's supercharging speeds. Ideally find an empty supercharger late at night and record (video ideally) the charging process (ideally from 10% SOC to 80% or higher). Please let us know!

  8. M20B25 User

    one more question: Could you check the Charging speed at ~10% SOC at the supercharger? It would be great to have a video about the different charging speeds at different SOCs from the M3 midrange.

  9. M20B25 User

    Hi Jordan,
    I am very interested in the consumption of the midrange M3 in comparison to the longrange version. Do you know anybody in your area who owns a longrange M3 with aero wheels to compare with? Once you are at 0% SOC … could you juice up to 100% SOC and show the amount of charged energy? That would be gr8888 to know.

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