Taking apart a Nissan LEAF battery pack, part 1

I start taking apart the Nissan LEAF battery pack, removing the cover and beginning to disassemble the blocks of cell modules.

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  1. HardyTechnologies

    Hi Benjamin,

    I want to convert a Leaf to a series hybrid electric car. Is there a way to bypass the computer charge port to accept a charge while it is in motion from a generator? A gasoline or diesel generator on board charging the car to boost range so it can be driven long distances.

  2. Taka Suzuki

    Good Job!! This video is very useful for me. Thanks for sharing. So I have a question. How thick is the battery case?(Upper and Lower) You lift a upper cover lightly at 4:51. I'm afraid of the leak battery liquid in an accident.  I'm sorry in poor English.

  3. Jay Summet

    I believe this is a 2011 or 2012 Leaf battery pack. I just opened my 2013, and there are a few changes: 1) two HV connectors on the front, one for the motor, the other for the cabin heater. 2) No 13mm bolts on the outside. 3) Security screws around the service disconnect are just 10mm bolts. 4) (And this is the big annoying one) Instead of a gasket where you can just lift the cover off, the cover is sealed down with a bead of very strong silicon that needs to be chiseled through all the way around (or at least three sides) before you can get the cover off.

    Inside the battery, there are a few more guards/plastic things especially over the back set of 24 modules, more black BMS wires along the side of the pack to get up to the CAN connector, the cell end plates are different (more interior crisscrosses), and the modules themselves look slightly different (Lizard Pack style) with more air holes and a slot along the sides.

  4. Jay Summet

    Thanks for the video guide! I just purchased a totaled Nissan Leaf just to get the battery pack out of it to use on my electric truck. (I paid significantly more for the car than you did for the pack alone…hope I can sell some of the auto parts as well…mine is a 2013 model (yours looks like a 2011/2012) and because I got the car that goes around it I was able to use the OEM battery diagnostics via the ODBII port before dropping the pack.)

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