Taking A Tesla Model 3 On A 900 MILE Road Trip

I took my Standard Range Plus Tesla Model 3 on a 900 mile road trip.. was it miserable!? did I run out of electricity!? Find out in this video!

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The Tesla Model 3 Is The Only Electric Car Worth Buying…. Here’s Why

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23 Replies to “Taking A Tesla Model 3 On A 900 MILE Road Trip”

  1. Deetroiter

    I like when Tesla puts the chargers at the front of the parking spots. It’s still a pain in the rump when Tesla puts the chargers in the back and then forces you to backup ridiculously close to the parking blocks/wall just to reach the charging cord

  2. Life With Me!

    I personally think stopping at super chargers would be annoying because you have to wait but you get to watch YouTube and you can go to restaurants and get coffee for something so now I think it’s not that bad! 😁

  3. sokar813

    So many superchargers she says: looks at my state on map she showed and sees like 4-5 total. There are a decent amount and it does seem like a nice car, but would be nice to see more spots filled in in areas with less there.

  4. Nicholas W.M.

    Give it a few years there will be more many charging stations and they will charge even quicker. Cool to be an early adopter, but I think it’s a bit inconvenient for now.

    Or maybe I’m just salty I don’t have a Tesla…

  5. Joshi Boo

    18 dollar with 1-3 min (including pee) stay at the Gas station vs 20 min or more ( depending on the battery ) ** not to mention battery degradation**.. At this point it's a no brainer, to buy tesla.. Luxurious point of view Tesla isn't the one in the category, comparing to German car, American car, and even Japanese car like Lexus

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