Take the LG OLED TV Challenge

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Go in store to compare LG OLED TV to LED backlit TVs and see the difference for yourself.
What makes OLED TV different? LED/LCD TVs use a technology that includes a backlight, so the black scenes are diluted by this lighting that often makes black look charcoal grey.
LG OLED TV has no backlight. It delivers pure black and with that comes explosive colour.

4 Replies to “Take the LG OLED TV Challenge”

  1. FutureTheory

    Doesn't mean a damn thing when you see the price tag. These are way too expensive right now. Adding more insult to injury, the models in store now are OLD. The new models should be out soon. I'm not sure about you, but I'd be pretty pissed about paying almost $8000 for an OLD 65" TV only to find out its successor just came out offering better brightness levels (nits) and Dolby Vision. Expect the new models some time within the next month or two.

  2. Ed Hatfield

    This doesn't make sense as i'm watching on LCD but can still see the difference with OLED. How come I can see the better quality of the OLED without having OLED?It's like the old dvd adverts on vhs saying this is what dvd looks like

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