Syma X5C-1 Drone, Your Mother Could Fly This!

The upgraded Syma X5C-1 quadcopter is so stable that your mother could fly it! It’s the perfect first quadcopter for beginners. It’s also fun for advanced flyers. Get it with free shipping on Amazon Or here on Banggood

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36 Replies to “Syma X5C-1 Drone, Your Mother Could Fly This!”

  1. Sticks29

    Bought this copter on your recommendation . First flight without watching any how to videos was a disaster. Nearly lost it. The wind just toke it straight up.
    Watched a few videos on you tub practiced hovering in my basement for two weeks. Then practice flying around inside my house. I do not recommend. Stay in the basement and practice there. After 3 weeks went out side and had a blast with flying it. Was well worth learning on the syma x5c-1.
    You can fit snuggly 750 mha batteries in it for extended flight time. Thanks for your advice.

  2. Elliot Huh?

    I lost two of these one in the wind. One lost signal. But they fly really good close in. Used this before I got my phantom 3 se They are even cheaper now. It even managed to pick a gopro session.

  3. usernamemykel

    QC101, a couple of questions about this model (which has the usual Chinglish manual) –

    How does the TX know the difference between using the trim control to activate the camera, and using the trim control to actually "trim"?

    How to change modes, 2 to 1 or 1 to 2?

    Please advise who currently (2018) sells the mini-quad batteries, if you have or can provide that information.

  4. Quady Mcflyface

    Mine still runs after owning it for 3+ years. Taught a few people to fly on it and I still take it out. I'm thinking about getting another so I can have spare parts 10 years from now. It's fun to go back to the basics.

  5. kVar

    I just remembered… this was the first drone my wife lost… and then she lost the Hubsan H502E… where there's a will…there is a way…

  6. David Jebens

    I'm a recent "adopter" of an X5C-1 and have done many of the mods. As my first foray into this hobby, I am very impressed with this unit for what little I spent. MAINLY, I'm writing you a note to tell you how much I approve of your support vehicle ….. a Honda Element! I've had mine since it was made in 2006 and now have just under 240,000 miles on it. You must join any or all of the Element based Facebook groups if you still have your Element as of Aug. 2018!

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