Switching To PC Gaming From Console | My Experience

I made the switch to PC Gaming from consoles back in September of 2018 and I have never looked back. Overall PC Gaming is a fantastic experience that has exceeded my expectations in nearly every aspect. My experience with computers in general is almost none existent and I basically knew nothing about PC gaming going in. But honestly it was a very easy to adapt and fully embrace PC gaming. This video will address my experience getting into PC and addressing some of the concerns people have about making the switch from console to PC. Feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts in the comments.

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20 Replies to “Switching To PC Gaming From Console | My Experience”

  1. QUICKsi1vr

    Lmfao at the comment at 5:21 I don’t think you play badly. But it’s just funny. I’m planning on buying my first custom build gaming pc soon from a shop near me that builds it for you. Can’t wait. Just need to save some more money. Great video.

  2. Urboyyycarlos

    I'm a true diehard so idc if it's a retro aracde,to master pc,to pro consoles,even handhelds and mobile,as long as it's a good game that works,I'm down.
    Miss pc tbh,I used to play Crossfire,BF2,and Halo. Mostly just wanna get back in to PC gaming to play old NFS and CoD games with graphics mods,and also to play left4dead custom maps.

  3. steveothehulk

    I just bought a gaming pc 1st one I ever had,
    Are these specs any good?
    Gtx 1650 4gb
    16 gb ram
    480 ssd
    I seem to be able to max out all the graphic settings to ultra at 1080p and mostly get 60fps
    Any good?


    I've been on PlayStation for 10 years when I switched to PC this year it's far better than counsel I can't till my new comes in the mail. Big gaming is cool but there's a whole community for flash game lovers a community for indie game lovers and I love the fact that I can play every MMORPG to DATE also frame rate is better

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