26 Replies to “Swellpro Splash Drone 3 – New Waterproof Drone 2017”

  1. Atort Photography

    For this dramatic video they hardly even showed it on the water let alone underwater which is hardly a good sign of what it's capable of. If it was amazing underwater and on the water that would have been the focus and it would sell itself, but it's not apparently so it won't. lol

  2. GAproductions

    Are all your gimbals compatible with the original splash drone cuz I'm looking to get one of the camera gimbal setups or camera gimbal and quick release setups for my original splash drone

  3. willy hudson

    I have one and its great, BUT you can not charge the batteries while you are out in the field. the charger does not come with a cable to charge off a 12 volt system.

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