Surprising My Little Brother with his own Xbox 360!

I Surprise My Little Brother (In my Minecraft Trolling Videos) with his own Xbox 360 & Minecraft Game! His name is “Wesley” and he”s 6 years old, and I thought it was about time I got him his own xbox console.

Before you say anything, I did not do this video just to get all the mushy comments, I did it out of kindness. Wesley always had to use my older brothers xbox and he always would cry whenever he couldn’t play on it, so I decided to buy him his own.

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If you have never seen a video with my little brother, just search up “Fly forest” on youtube, and they should pop up!

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37 Replies to “Surprising My Little Brother with his own Xbox 360!”

  1. Larfty

    I bought along time ago a Xbox one for my brother, wish I could’ve filmed it. I got him gta5 shortly after that and he was 8. Lol I played gta vice city when I was 6

  2. Nicholas Hartenstein

    GOOD! Was just angirly watching a video of an older brother who would go to his little brother yell at him to get off the xbox and when he turned it off told him im kidding and made him cry because it logged him away from his friends. Guys like you are a godsend. Watching this video after that warms my heart. Youre a fantastic brother!

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